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Heavy-duty Case chisel plow delivers accuracy

Primary tillage requires both heavy-duty performance and accuracy, and Case IH PTX Series chisel plows deliver both.

From the heavy-duty tubular frame construction, to single-cylinder depth control, to high residue clearance, the Case IH PTX300 and PTX600 chisel plows are designed to maximize producers' productivity. The rigid-frame PTX300 offers working widths between 24 and 40 feet with 24 to 40 shanks on 12-inch spacings. The flexible-frame PTX600 ranges from 26 to 62 feet with shank spacings of either 9 or 12 inches.

“Our customers know that good yields begin with good soil management,” says Jacky Payne, marketing training manager for Case IH seeders and chisel plows.

“Case IH PTX Series chisel plows maintain uniform depth and excellent soil penetration to break up soil clods and flatten crop residue to guard against erosion.”

In-field performance is assured with easy-to-set, single-cylinder depth control and parallel lift (PTX600), which ensures accurate, uniform depth across the full working width.

In addition, four-by-four-inch tubular frame construction with dual walking beams handle both tough tillage conditions and heavy residue with ease.

Transport dependability is assured on five section models with heavy-duty hubs, 17.5 tires and 8-bolt wheels. In variable terrain, Case IH PTX600 precision chisel plows offer an added advantage of a flexible frame and a floating hitch.

“No one in the industry can match the PTX600 chisel plow's land following ability,” Payne says. “Front-to-back and side-to-side the PTX600 flexes to follow the variable contours of the land.”

The precision performance of the PTX600 expands its versatility. Equipped with a Case IH manifold and air package, the PTX600 precision chisel plow can effectively be used for seeding and fertilizing applications.

If soil conditions are tough, the tools and options available with the Case IH PTX Series are even tougher. The PTX600 in three and five section configurations can accommodate from 27 to 81 ground-penetrating shanks. It's also equipped with either 550-pound (9-inch shank spacing) or 650-pound (12-inch spacing) trips to handle even the most demanding field conditions. The rigid hitch PTX300 offers 650-pound trips.

Couple the versatility of the size options with the variety of available ground-engaging tools and optional equipment — like a 3- or 4-bar mounted harrow, half-inch tine harrows to break up tough clods in heavy soils, trip shim kits and rear hitches — to create a custom tillage solution certain to meet the varied needs of your situation.

Other available options for the PTX600 include mud scrapers, end markers, tine furrow closers and air packages.

When it's time to move from the field, the over center wing-up makes transport safe and easy.

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