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HCC Introduces New Product to Smart-Till® Line

Smart-Till ST 203 20' model latest in line of vertical tillage implements - HCC, Inc. is pleased to announce that its innovative Smart-Till® is now available in a 20' model: the Smart-Till ST 203.

Smart-Till enhances no-till/minimum till field practices and is a superior soil, manure, pasture, and hay management implement. Its patented self-sharpening, three-tine helical design lets you fracture soil more than 8" deep. Plus, the tines easily adjust 0-10 degrees.

The Smart-Till ST 203 offers a 20' working width with a 15' transport width at its widest point. It also has a three section wing-up design, 10' center section, and 5' wings. The wings provide 40 degrees of total flex—10 degrees down and 30 degrees up. In changing conditions, its tillage gangs and harrow gangs are independently adjustable. Like all models, the Smart-Till ST 203 is available with optional rotary harrows.

HCC has more than 100 years of harvesting innovations, and has recently expanded its agricultural product line and entered into the vertical tillage market. Since the company’s early days of Hume pickup reels and Hart-Carter products, HCC has been an innovator in the combine industry. Today, HCC is a major supplier of reels, sieves, and chaffers, and other innovative products for the combine industry.