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OPERATING SUPPORT: The latest Farm Progress Panel shows that a vast majority of farmers had no trouble securing operating money for 2020, though nearly a third report some issues.

For Midwest farmers harvest just getting rolling

New Farm Progress NOW Panel survey shows nearly half have yet to get rolling

The 2020 harvest may be going like the rest of 2020 for many farmers. That's one point from the new Farm Progress Panel conducted this week, which shows that nearly half of respondents have yet to pull the combine into the field.

Following Twitter, it appears harvest is gearing up for many, but much more work remains as the crop dries down and ripens to move from field to bin. The latest Farm Progress NOW Panel report garnered a significant response among those registered to respond to these surveys.

For about 16% of respondents, harvest is moving along well. Their survey selection: "Great – fillin' trucks, and making bucks" shows there's some optimism in the country as combines roll. After the kind of year it's been, for these producers combines rolling can be news on the farm.

About a quarter of respondents reported that harvest was "Good – nothing has broken yet" which is always good news when the heat of harvest has begun. Not sure why they didn't say "great" but it appears their progress is acceptable to those respondents.

Not everyone is reporting a rosy harvest picture. Nearly 12% responded that what many call the curse of 2020 may be hitting their farm. They responded to the choice "Bad – ask me what has gone right" in their response. We wish them well as the harvest progresses.

The Farm Progress NOW Panel is a text-based survey farmers can sign up for. We are limiting participation, but there are still a few seats left. Taking part starts by signing up for the Farm Progress NOW mobile text alert system so you get top news each day. To do that, text FARM to 20505 and then be sure to answer the response text to confirm. After that, you'll see instructions for joining the PANEL when the FARM text arrives.

The Farm Progress NOW text service provides topical daily information right to your phone, including top news including USDA reports and market insights. Note that the text service may incur added charges to your smartphone bill.


Respondents to the latest Farm Progress NOW Panel show that on the whole, if harvest has started, more than a third see it as going good or great. Of course, half haven't started.

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