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What do you need to consider as you plan for an on-farm storage system?

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September 1, 2022

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On the farm, timing is everything. You get one shot each year to make a crop, and getting grain unloaded, stored and delivered shouldn’t hold you back.

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What do you need to consider as you plan for an on-farm storage system?

Check out the list below.

1. Proximity to a highway: A state highway lets you haul grain year round without any road restrictions. Without a highway nearby, you may encounter road restrictions, hindering your ability to haul grain.

2. Natural gas: Natural gas is the most economical way to dry grain. You can still dry grain with liquid petroleum (LP), it just may be a bit more costly.

3. Three-phase power: Three phase power lets you operate larger machines and motors. Single phase may work, but three-phase allows you to confidently plan for future grain handling and storage growth.

4. Farms nearby: Having your farm’s grain storage facility near your fields reduces transport time and fuel cost. It may even reduce the number of trucks needed.

5. Room for new bins: Consideration for future growth and expansion. Who doesn’t want to see more bushels in their bin?

6. New dryer/ wet bins: Do not assume that your wet holding capacity will always be adequate. Once you start drying more grain, an increase in your wet bushel storage capacity will become a necessity.

7. Pit: Adding a truck load out or a pit can sometimes save the cost of a truck or lead to other benefits. 

8. Traffic Pattern: Create a traffic pattern for separate dumping and loading stations to increase efficiency. Being able to load and unload grain simultaneously will decrease your total harvest time, thus saving you money.

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A detailed grain storage plan that anticipates future growth is a must. Learn more at GSI and how on-farm grain storage is a solid investment.

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