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Handheld employee tracking software available

PET Tiger from Orange Enterprises, Fresno, Calif., is a new payroll data collecting and production tracking computer program designed for Pocket PC handheld devices.

It accurately and easily collects, in the field, real-time data on attendance, production, time and labor efficiency. It exports the results to payroll and cost accounting software packages in the office, and creates related reports.

P (Payroll) E (Employee) T (Tracking) Tiger data can be entered in several ways: scanning machine readable tags like Barcodes or RFID, or entering data manually using a stylus and drop down items. The program handles hourly rates, piece pay by individuals and piece pay by crew. It handles minimum hourly pay requirements and mandatory breaks. Defaults are maintained to minimize the number of scans necessary.

Electronic processing and data storage replaces paper to improve the efficiency and accuracy of crop harvesting. View your data as it comes in, and, if necessary, edit it on the spot. Change sort orders and filters to group the information to fit particular operations.

It has a simplified scan mode that simplifies and expedites data entry with machine readable tags.

The program increases crop harvest efficiency by providing instant information growers can use to expedite work flow. Data collected in the field is transmitted to an office computer for analysis. With immediate information on how much each field is producing growers can determine whether to add or move workers.

Most of all the program is adaptable and can be used by growers, farm and grove management, shippers and packers in the production of, vegetables, nursery products, vineyards, row crops, orchards and any other agribusinesses.

Employees are issued their own individual bar code or RFID badges to use with the program. It allows inputting of data directly into a PC as well as into the handheld devices.

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