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Corn+Soybean Digest

Growers may soon choose LibertyLink soybeans and Ignite herbicide to control tough and resistant weeds

Options. Choices. Freedom. Three words innovative soybean growers like to hear, especially with the glyphosate-resistant weed list, which is up to nine species in 19 states.

Available in 2009, LibertyLink® soybeans with new Ignite® herbicide will provide the only nonselective alternative to the Roundup Ready®soybean system. This will give soybean growers another option to manage weeds and herbicide resistance with a unique mode of action that can be applied over-the-top of high-yielding varieties.

“The LibertyLink trait provides built-in tolerance to the powerful, postemergent weed control of Ignite with no yield drag or lag,” says Andy Hurst, Bayer CropScience product manager for Ignite herbicide and herbicide-tolerant traits. “Ignite and the LibertyLink trait will allow growers to effectively manage tough and resistant weeds while farming the way they want.”

Plus, the duo will provide growers an excellent means for which to rotate nonselective herbicides to effectively manage weed resistance and preserve the utility of herbicide-tolerant technologies. Globally, there is no documented weed resistance to Ignite.

With Ignite herbicide and the LibertyLink trait, growers will enjoy similar benefits to glyphosate-tolerant systems, allowing them to continue to farm with less tillage, labor, fuel and equipment.

Ignite is a new, more powerful, cost-effective formulation for use on all LibertyLink crops. Ignite controls more than 120 broadleaf weeds and grasses in days, not weeks. Key weeds include Palmer amaranth, marestail, morningglories, woolly cupgrass, velvetleaf, cocklebur, foxtails, ragweeds and waterhemp, along with ALS- and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

For best management of weeds and to manage resistance, a pre-emergence herbicide and timely applications of Ignite, when weeds are no more than 4 inches tall, are strongly recommended. To further combat resistance, Ignite can be tankmixed with most other crop protection products, including complementary residual herbicides. For further details, consult the Ignite product label.

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