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Corn+Soybean Digest

Growers Get More Weed Control Options

As with corn herbicides, chemical companies are making deals with each other to broaden their focus - and provide growers with more soybean herbicide options.

Nevertheless, only five soybean herbicides have been introduced since this magazine's review last February.

One "new" product is the result of a licensing agreement between Monsanto, which makes glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, and Nufarm Americas Inc. Nufarm has negotiated an agreement with Monsanto to produce the glyphosate herbicide Credit.

Credit can be used over the top of Roundup Ready soybeans in 2000, says Nick Weedman, Nufarm general manager.

"Our focus this year will be agricultural producers using glyphosate in a broad range of applications. Special emphasis will be placed on producers using Nufarm Credit with Weedone 638 in preplant burndown and fallow ground applications," he says.

Nufarm has about 15 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing glyphosate in Australia. Roundup goes off its U.S. patent in 2000.

Another company deal, between DuPont and FMC, results in DuPont's marketing of Authority, which is manufactured by FMC.

"Authority, which is sulfentrazone, is a great pre-emergence product," says Jim Davies, DuPont product manager.

It can be used on any type of soybeans, to be followed up with either Classic or Synchrony, he says.

With STS beans, growers can use a pre-emergent application of Authority and come back with a post application of Synchrony plus Assure. Or with regular beans, start with Authority and use a post grass material like Assure or Poast Plus plus Classic for a total weed control program, Davies says.

"Or you could even come in with a reduced rate of Authority, set up Roundup Ready beans and come back with a quarter to a third of an ounce of Classic plus 1-2 pints of Roundup.

"Authority tends to offer a very flexible way to get excellent weed control. "

Two of the key weeds it controls: waterhemp and black nightshade.

Also from DuPont is Canopy XL. How's it different from Canopy? The latter is a combination of metribuzin and chlorimuron ethyl. Canopy XL's active ingredients are chlorimuron ethyl and sulfentrazone.

"Canopy XL's strength is waterhemp and black nightshade. It has a broader spectrum in relationship to controlling those two key weeds. Other than that, it's similar in spectrum to Canopy," Davies says.

The pre-emergent product works well in burndown applications and also offers excellent residual control, he adds.

A hot, new herbicide from BASF Corp. can be used only by growers in the South.

Conclude Ultra offers broad-spectrum broadleaf control and superior annual grass control in one pass, says Tim Jones, soybean market manager for the company.

The postemergent product is a combination of Storm and Poast HC.

It controls cocklebur, morningglory, pigweed, broadleaf signalgrass, rhizome johnsongrass, crabgrass and other weeds. Conclude Ultra also controls ALS-resistant weeds, Jones points out.

"The product will not cause carryover injury to next year's corn, cotton, wheat, peanut or rice crop. With producers growing a variety of crops under the Freedom to Farm Act, Conclude Ultra will not restrict fields to soybean production in subsequent years," he says.

Axiom, from Bayer Corp., is the only pre-emergence grass herbicide formulated as a low-rate, dry-flowable product. It's effective when applied at a fourth to a half of the use rates of similar products.

"Growers look for consistent performance; long-residual, broad-spectrum control; crop safety; low use rates; and convenient handling," says Inci Dannenberg, marketing product manager. "Axiom has all these features."

It controls annual grasses, such as foxtail and fall panicum, and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as pigweed, waterhemp and common lambsquarter.

The herbicide is a combination of two active ingredients with separate modes of action. The first is a new oxyacetamide chemistry that interferes with a weed's germination and seedling development by inhibiting protein synthesis. The second chemistry disrupts weeds' photosynthetic process.

Axiom can be applied preplant, pre-emergence or burndown, in single or split applications. It can be used with liquid or dry fertilizer and tankmixed.

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