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Coming Drone Boom. Farmland Hides Dinosaurs. Tequila Curse. Arrowhead Bonanza. Fake Bubbly. Snakeheads. Redwoods vs. Red Wine. And more.

Chris Bennett

October 28, 2013

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1. Farming as the Next Big Industry

The next census is forecast to show the average age of farmers dropping for the first time in over 30 years. (Marketplace)

2. The Coming Drone Boom

Which states are poised to cash in on the drone boom? In two months, the FAA will announce six drone test sites, and states are lobbying hard for a spot. (Motherboard)

3. Farmland = T-rex and Triceratops = Big Bucks

A farmer is in for several million dollars after two dinosaur skeletons discovered on his land head for auction. (Daily Mail)

4. The Tequila Curse

What happens when mass producers, dependent on an unpredictable agave crop, keep trading quality for volume? (Businessweek)

5. Arrowhead Bonanza

Farmland layers often holds the secrets of Indian history and for Terry Smith, that means finding arrowheads and stone tools by the boxful. (DFP)


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6. Fake Bubbly

The Untold Tale of Fake Champagne. (Terroirist)

7. Golden Rice Debut?

Ingo Potrykus, the creator of Golden Rice, wants to live long enough to see it spill out of the pipeline. (New Scientist)

8. The Weirdest Fruit You Never Knew About

Pawpaw production is tough; the trees take a long time to bear fruit; spoilage is fast. (Vice)

9. Snakeheads — the Fish That Terrified a State

How Operation Mongoose tried to get rid of the invasive northern snakehead by poisoning 400 miles of Arkansas waterways. (Pacific Standard)

10. California Redwoods vs. Red Wine

Environmental groups vs. a Spanish-owned winery in a battle over 154 acres of redwood trees and Douglas firs. (Fox)


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