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10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 23

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Jan. 23
Sunuvarancher: Patriot's Logan Mankins. 75,000 free acres. James Bond's EPA. Drone arrest. Frankencorn. End of wine innocence. Vegetable sins. Daily gore.


1. Sunuvarancher

The New England Patriot’s Logan Mankins can grind it out with the best — and he gained his toughness growing up on a 10,000-acre ranch in California. (Daily Reporter)

2. 75,000 Acres for Free

It’s a bit of a tangle when a man wants to donate 75,000 acres and nobody wants it. (New York Times)

3. James Bond’s EPA

A fraud tale too ridiculous for fiction: James Bond ran loose at the EPA for over 13 years and nobody noticed. (WFP)

4. First-Ever Drone Arrest Case Ends

Cattle producer Rodney Brossart will serve six months of a three-year sentence after his involvement in the first-ever drone arrest case in U.S. history. (U.S. News & World Report)

5. Tech Firm Growing Grapes, Raising Pigs?

Chinese Internet companies are making money anywhere they can, even hogs and organic grapes. Maybe it’s not so surprising: Lenovo, the planet’s biggest pc maker, is already China’s No. 1 blueberry and kiwi distributor. (Fast Company)

Vegetable sins, daily gore

6. Hawaii’s Frankencorn Debacle

The GM debate is running buck-wild in Hawaii, with hyperbole and fanciful claims seizing the day. (Reason)

7. California Almonds at the Back of Beyond

Doesn’t matter where you’re standing on the planet. If you’re eating an almond — it was probably grown in California. (Los Angeles Times)

8. End of Wine Innocence

The Rudy Kurniawan fiasco. (Decanter)

9. Vegetable Sins

No shame; even for thieves. Who steals Brussel sprouts from nuns? (The Irish Independent)

10. Daily Gore

A return to the Circus Maximus. Hog, water buffalo and stallion fights — all in the name of tradition of course. (Daily Mail)


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