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News of Agribusiness: Trivapro fungicide yield results from Syngenta elevate 2016 corn, soybean and wheat outlook

In 2015 trials, the fungicide increased yields in corn, soybeans and wheat vs. untreated and competitive brands   With active ingredient Solatenol fungicide, Trivapro offers the longest-lasting residual control of rusts, leaf spots and blights

First-year trial results for Syngenta’s Trivapro fungicide show significant yield and profit advantages over untreated checks. 

Under heavier than normal disease pressure, several 2015 field trials conducted in the Midwest and South showed high returns in corn, soybeans and wheat, after applications of Trivapro. In corn, treated fields produced 16 to 53 more bushels per acre than those left untreated. On average, across the U.S., Trivapro-treated corn produced a 21- bushel per acre increase over untreated and competitive brands.

Researchers saw marked increases in soybeans (an average of 6 bushels per acre improvement) and wheat (a 13 to 28 bushel advantage) compared to untreated checks and competitive brands.

“Everyone knows heavy disease pressure took its toll on corn, soybean and wheat yields in 2015, even those treated with competitive fungicide brands,” said Andrew Fisher, fungicide brand manager at Syngenta. “Yet, in our Trivapro trials, we consistently saw significant yield results.”

Trivapro’s active ingredient, Solatenol fungicide, is the most potent SDHI on the market. Solatenol binds to the waxy layer of the leaf, maximizing the length of control. Teamed up with proven performers, azoxystrobin and propiconazole, growers can expect excellent preventive and curative disease control to hold rusts, leaf spots and blights completely at bay.

Plant pathologists predicted heavy disease pressure for 2016, due to mild winter weather in most corn-growing geographies. True to their predictions, early rust pressure has hit the South, Midwest and some Western states. Among other diseases, Northern corn leaf blight and frogeye leaf spot have also been flagged as likely threats.

In the face of low commodity prices, strategic applications of a broad-spectrum fungicide like Trivapro will be key this year to protecting yield, crop quality and, ultimately, profit potential.

To learn more about Trivapro, visit or talk to your local Syngenta sales representative. Follow the conversation on social media using #NotAfraidToWork.

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