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Haul grain away from combine in style

What’s New From the Shows: Companies concentrate on easier unloading from the combine — and more capacity — for grain carts.

By Farm Progress staff

New offerings at recent farm shows indicate there is still demand for at least two types of grain carts. There are producers who want to buy the biggest cart possible with the largest hauling capacity.

Then there are those who don’t farm nearly as much land who want a relatively small grain cart that still has some of the features of bigger carts, such as quick unloading time and the ability of carts to empty themselves without someone needing to enter the cart to push down wet grain.

Unverferth has the first demand covered with the latest Brent grain cart, the 2596 model. It was first introduced in Canada in the summer and made its debut in the U.S at farm shows during the fall.

If you need to dump a lot of grain off combines on the go, or if you want all the capacity you can to keep combines running in the cornfield — even if lines back up at the elevator or your employee is waiting on the grain dryer to catch up in your own on-farm application — then this Brent grain cart may be for you.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you need a grain cart to dump on the go but don’t need — or maybe don’t want — such a big cart, check out the smaller grain cart with a smaller auger from E-Z Trail.

Maybe you don’t want to pull so much weight through the field in fear of creating more soil compaction, or maybe you just have less corn to handle, so you’re OK operating with a smaller-capacity cart that still unloads grain well. Then give the grain cart entry from E-Z Trail a harder look.

You can get models from many manufacturers with either tires or tracks, depending upon the size of the cart.  If you’re opting for tires on a grain cart instead of tracks, note that some tire companies now make lines of tires in various sizes designed specifically for use on grain carts. Do your homework and you should be able to come up with a grain cart best equipped for your operation.

Check out the new products in the slideshow.

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