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Bill CFC $230 million for protecting us

The reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on whether American farmers can plant Roundup Ready alfalfa any time soon was like World Cup soccer.

Both sides claimed victory. It sounds like a tie. It wasn’t.

The 7-1 ruling in favor of Monsanto’s position says it was not a tie. Seldom are high court opinions that one-sided. Farmers and American business won. Environmental wackos lost. Some see the overwhelming vote to overturn the lower court’s rulings as a signal that the anti-agriculture crowd had better pack up their briefcases full of judicial harassment lawsuits and hit the road. Send back the government checks you have received for legal fees in the case. Put your chihuahua in another dogfight. You are not going to win this one.

Claiming victory as the Center for Food Safety has done is a PR spin job with no truth in it. However, that is not surprising. Monsanto’s general counsel was generous when he called it a contortion. This ongoing legal action is a futile attempt to stop the sale of herbicide resistant alfalfa. It is blatant abuse of the judicial system that is costing American farmers millions of dollars and actually compromising the environment.

A recent Western Farm Press article focused on Tipton, Calif., farmer Tom Barcellos (, who was one of the fortunate producers who planted RR alfalfa before the sales ban went into the effect more than four years ago. Read the article and see just what the lawsuit from the Center for Food Safety has cost American farmers.

Easily, biotech alfalfa has saved Barcellos $200 per acre per year alone in replanting costs. He likely will get twice the stand life with herbicide-resistant alfalfa as he could expect with conventional alfalfa. Insecticide use has gone down dramatically because the hay is healthier to ward off insects. Hay quality is much better season-long.

Since these so-called non-profit environmental groups like to get taxpayer checks for protecting you and me, let’s send this bunch of bills to them for what they have done to us.

There are 23 million acres of alfalfa in the U.S. Let’s assume 10 percent of that – 2.3 million acres – would have been planted to herbicide-resistant alfalfa varieties had the radical enviros not filed suit.

Being generous, let’s say $100 per acre was spent needlessly on 2.3 million acres because of the lawsuit. If you think you have been shortchanged any part of that $230 million, send an invoice to your local Center for Food Safety chapter asking for reimbursement. Label it “Center for Food Safety Agricultural Stimulus Plan.”

The addresses are:

• Center for Food Safety

660 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, #302

Washington, D.C. 20003

• Center for Food Safety

West Coast Office:

2601 Mission Street, Suite 803

San Francisco, CA 94110

Put the bill in a window envelope so they’ll open it thinking it’s a donation to their nuisance causes.


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