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Government payments

I just had to write a few lines about the government payments being lowered.

Does anyone who “votes” on this or decides what it is, farm or have any idea what it costs today to farm?

Do they realize that we get less per bushel now than we did 20 years ago, but the cost to grow these crops has grown out of proportion?

Do they wonder why there aren't very many “family farms” anymore? Farmers such as we, who have two sons and would love to have them farming with us, have encouraged them to do something else and they have!

Do they wonder “why so many farmers die of heart attacks or strokes”?

When the farmers have a good year, they put that money back into the economy by buying equipment or upgrading their farm productions.

I think it is a sad day when I hear my husband talk about not farming anymore and that it isn't fun anymore! He has had several friends die of heart attacks and their wives were left with the burden of trying to pay off the loans!

We need the payments to try to overcome the low price we get per bushel. So, if they want to lower it, then give us a decent price on our grain and we would be happy with that.

We don't expect “outrageous” prices, we would just like to be in the black by the end of the year instead of in the red!

Thank you for letting me vent and get my opinion said!
Ann Branch
Wynne, Ark.

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