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WHEN MONSANTO revoked Roundup Ready (RR) licenses issued to Golden Harvest Seeds, the company's new owner Syngenta solved the problem with different Monsanto licenses. Golden Harvest recently announced that its dealers will sell RR products under two new brand names starting in 2006. The Laser brand will include Golden Harvest corn products with YieldGard insect protection and RR2 technology. The Fastart brand will include Golden Harvest soybean products with RR technology.

Golden Harvest also will market its conventional soybean varieties and selected NK Brand RR soybeans along with Golden Harvest corn hybrids.

Tim Kroenke, Syngenta strategic marketing, reported that Syngenta had obtained exclusive rights for the Laser and Fastart RR licenses prior to its purchase of Golden Harvest. The company owning the licenses declined to be named.

The use of the Laser and Fastart brands will be temporary for Golden Harvest until it moves Syngenta's biotech traits into its own lines. In corn, Golden Harvest is moving Syngenta's AgriSure glyphosate-tolerant, corn borer-resistant and corn rootworm-resistant traits into Golden Harvest hybrids. It plans to complete the move by 2009. In soybeans, Golden Harvest plans to completely move the NK Brand RR trait into its own lines by 2008.

Apparently the loss of Monsanto's licensing hasn't hurt seed sales for Golden Harvest, based in Waterloo, NE. Company officials report that seed sales for 2005 are up 23% from a year ago. The number of new dealers is up 30%.

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