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Corn+Soybean Digest

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Real-time kinematic (RTK): Satellite navigation based on the use of carrier phase measurements of the GPS, GLONASS and/or Galileo signals where a single reference station provides the real-time corrections of even to a centimeter level of accuracy.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS): An act to increase the volume of renewable fuel required to be blended into gasoline from 9 billion gallons in 2008 to 36 billion gallons by 2022.

Residue: Also called stover. Parts of the plant that are left on the field after harvesting, including corn cobs, bottoms of stalks, leaves.

Roundup Ready: seed resistant to Roundup herbicide.

Seed treatment: seed treated with coatings/chemicals to help prevent disease, poor growth, etc.

Soil carbon: Generic name for carbon held within the soil, primarily in association with its organic content.

Soil organic matter: Divided into three general pools: living biomass of microorganisms, fresh and partially decomposed residues and humus – the well-decomposed organic matter and highly stable organic material. Surface litter is generally not included as part of soil organic matter.

Sprayers: implement used to apply chemicals to crops.

Stacked traits: seed with more than one trait, such as Roundup Ready and Bt, among others.

Stover: See residue.

Strip-till: a conservation tillage practice. Rather than plowing a whole field, strips are plowed, leaving much residue on the surface.

Tillage: the process of digging/turning the soil in a field after harvest/before planting.

Traited hybrids: corn seed with different traits, such as Roundup Ready, Liberty Link, Herculex, etc.

Triple-stacks: hybrids stacked with a triple source of biotechnology
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