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Corn+Soybean Digest

Glossary of Terms D-G

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Direct seeding: planting so that seed is deposited into a specific spot.

Diseases (corn): diseases that infect all parts above and/or below ground of the corn plant, including: anthracnose, common rust, ear rots, northern and southern corn leaf blight, gray leaf spot and stalk rots, among others.

Diseases (soybean): diseases that infect all or some parts above and/or below ground of the soybean plant, including: brown spot, charcoal rot, phytophthora, white mold and sudden death syndrome, among others.

Drought tolerance: a trait being researched to help crops be more tolerant of drought conditions.

Ethanol: a corn-based renewable fuel. Used in many new vehicles as fuel source. A common blend is E85.

FSA: The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is the USDA agency into which were merged several predecessor agencies, including the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS). The ASCS was, as the FSA is now, primarily tasked with the implementation of farm conservation and regulation laws around the country. The Administrator of FSA reports to the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services.[1] The FSA (ASCS) of each state is led by a politically appointed State Executive Director (SED).

The Farm Service Agency's national administrative functions are managed in Washington, D.C. Computational and statistical work is done in Kansas City. Implementation of farm policy through FSA programs is the responsibility of field offices based in states, counties and territories. The organizational structure of FSA is laid out by Congress and overseen by the secretary of agriculture. The FSA administrator reports to an undersecretary of agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services (FFAS).

*FSA also provides assistance for natural disaster losses, resulting from drought, flood, fire, freeze, tornadoes, pest infestation, and other calamities.*

Fertilizer: chemicals applied to promote plant growth. Can be applied numerous ways, including broadcasting, injecting and others.

Fungicide: Chemicals or biological organisms used to kill or inhibit fungi or fungal spores.

Glyphosate tolerance: plants that are tolerant and resistant to the herbicide, glyphosate.

GMO: see biotechnology

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