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Gleaner adds R55 rotary combine line

The introduction of the GLEANER R55 with a 245-bushel capacity grain bin is the latest addition to the ‘5 Series’ rotary combine line which includes the R65 and R75. “While designed for different harvest capacity needs, all three combines share a common theme of proven reliability and sophisticated simplicity,” says Tom Draper, general marketing manager, Gleaner.

“From their one-piece frame to their balanced ‘centerline’ design and CANbus electronic system, these combines are designed to work harder and more efficiently,” says Draper. “Like the R65 and R75, the R55 features the new ComforTech II cab for even greater visibility, comfort and operator efficiency. New styling and the state of the art CANbus system have allowed us to simplify the cab environment and reduce clutter while enhancing control.”

Greater visibility

The 61.2 square feet of windows provide greater visibility than any competitor, while the green tint reduces glare and heat load for greater comfort. Extra-large power mirrors, eight halogen worklights on the exterior of the new cab, and a larger door for easier access set the stage for even more improvements on the inside.

Inside the cab, the full use of CANbus electronics makes combine operation both simpler and more sophisticated than ever before. Levers, cables and hoses have been replaced by switches and ergonomically designed control consoles that are attached to the seat that floats with the operator over rough ground. The console provides fingertip control of vital combine functions, including header adjustment, unloader auger control, ground speed, direction and more.

“The combination of CANbus system, microprocessors and electrohydraulic valves really revolutionizes what can be done with a combine from both the control and the monitoring standpoint,” says Draper. “Gleaner operators now have more control than ever before, and yet the R-Series is easier and simpler to operate. The Heads Up monitor provides visual and audio monitoring of combine operations and functions from engine and fuel to rpm speed of the rear feed conveyor.”

He notes that even checking fuses is easier with the new cab. The electronic control panel with fuses, service connections and test modules has been moved to a more convenient position inside the cab. Not only is it more protected from weather and dust for increased reliability, but servicing and access is also simplified compared to competitive machines.

“The new cab and the cutting-edge electronics are the perfect match for the proven Cummins engine and 4-speed transmission found in the R55,” says Draper. “Thanks to the new monitoring and control technologies, operators can now get more efficiency from these reliable components than ever before.”

Powerful machine

The 230-horsepower (172 kW) Cummins engine offers plenty of power and proven reliability with its turbocharged and aftercooled, inline 6-cylinder design. The 4-speed, hydro-traction drive transmission offers three field gears ranging from zero to 10.48 mph (16.87 kph). The fourth road gear reduces transport time between fields with speeds of up to 20.96 mph (32.3 kph).

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