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Miravis Prime receives California label. It's now available to growers battling powdery mildew and other fungal infections in a variety of crops.

Miravis Prime receives DPR label in California

Miravis Prime fungicide now labeled for use in California

California growers battling issues like botrytis and powdery mildew have a new fungicide for the toolbox in Miravis Prime, a Syngenta product that combines active ingredients from two FRAC groups.

Miravis Prime has been available to U.S. growers in states regulated by EPA label conditions, but in May that was expanded. Last month the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) approved the product for use on 170 different crops, including grapes, leafy and fruiting vegetables, potatoes, strawberries, and pistachios, and is now available in recommendation writing applications used by pest control advisors.

The combination of active ingredients in FRAC groups 7 and 12, currently not seen in products elsewhere in the industry, provides a good rotational tool and resistance management when combined with other products, according to Garrett Gilcrease, an agronomic service representative with Syngenta in California.

The fungicide combines two active ingredients: Adepidyn and fludioxonil to provide a defense against troublesome crop diseases. According to the company, it accumulates heavily into the wax layer and translocates through the leaves; remains stable on the leaf surface; and, complements integrated pest management spray programs.

Miravis Prime is labeled for use in ground rig applications and by air.

Pesticide applicators are required to read and follow label directions when using this and other crop protection products.

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