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ORDER PASSES: The Tart Cherry Federal Marketing Order was passed by growers and processors for another six years.

Tart cherry marketing order renewed by growers, processors

The Cherry Industry Administrative Board will continue its work for another six years.

Producers and processors renewed the Tart Cherry Federal Marketing Order through a vote in March, according to USDA.

The marketing order, known as the Cherry Industry Administrative Board (CIAB), will continue for another six years.

In order to renew the marketing order, at least 50% of all producers and processors must vote in support, or those voting to support must represent at least 50% of the industry’s production.

This year’s referendum passed with 53% support of producers by number, 68% by volume, and 57% support from processors by number, who represent 69% by volume.

The CIAB was created in 1996 and was designed to educate consumers about the benefits of tart cherries and represent the industry with marketing, promotion and research, as well as authorizing regulation to maintain stability in production supply.

Located in Michigan, where a majority of the country’s tart cherries are grown, the CIAB also is composed of producers and processors from New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

The CIAB administrates the federal marketing order for tart cherries in the U.S. and is authorized by the U.S. secretary of agriculture. Learn more at

For more information, contact Nels Veliquette, CIAB board secretary, at or 231-632-0033.

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