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2010 tractor preview

2010 tractor preview


Case IH upgraded its Steiger and Quadtrac series 4-wd tractors in 2008 with a model addition, the Steiger 535 Pro, and a number of productivity enhancements. Five models range from 335 to 535 engine hp. The 535-hp 535 Pro is the company's largest 4-wd tractor to date and is built with a Power Boost feature that adds 35 hp through a hydraulic boost and another 40 hp in power growth for a total of 610 available horsepower.

The Diesel Saver Auto Productivity Management (APM) system, standard on new Steiger series tractors, reduces fuel consumption as much as 25% by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission ratio. The AFS AccuGuide automated guidance system also comes standard. Three frame sizes and an industry-leading long wheelbase and drawbar design provide superior pulling power.

For more information, call 877/422-7344 or visit

CASE IH STEIGER AND QUADTRAC SERIES SPECS | ENGINE 9-liter Case IH in 335; 12.9-liter Case IH in 385, 435 and 485; and 15-liter Cummins QSX15 in 535. 335 to 535 engine hp, 273 to 473 PTO hp | TRANSMISSION: 16/2 powershift with transport mode | HYDRAULICS: 40 gpm std. pump capacity on 335, 385, 435 and 485; 42 gpm std. on 535. High-capacity pump of 55 or 57 gpm opt.| LIFT CAPACITY: 15,669 lbs. on 335; 19,620 lbs. on 385, 435, 485 and 535; 19,728 lbs. on Quadtrac | WHEELBASE: 139 in. on 335; 154 in. on 385, 435, 485 and 535 | STARTING PRICE FOR A STEIGER: $212,218


The Challenger MT800 series, originally launched in 2005, consists of five track models that run from 410 to 585 engine hp. The tractors were updated in 2009 and feature higher horsepower ratings, a new ISOBUS system, and new and improved features. Among them are a digital dash display that's easier to read, a redesigned tractor management center that provides simpler and more intuitive operation, and a new hydraulic system with a higher degree of control, higher flow, and greater adaptability.

For more information, contact and

CHALLENGER MT800 SERIES SPECS | ENGINE: 6-cyl. Caterpillar C15 or C18 Acert; 410 to 585 engine hp, 335 to 425 PTO hp; 24v starting motor | TRANSMISSION: Caterpillar powershift 16F/4R | HYDRAULICS: Std. pump flow 43.5 gpm, opt. pump flow 59 gpm; hydraulic remotes: 4 std., up to 6 opt. | WHEELBASE: 118 in. | SUGGESTED LIST PRICE: $292,001 to $495,777


The MT900C series, launched in 2007, consists of four articulated 4-wd tractor models ranging from 440 to 585 engine hp. The largest model, the MT975C, has the highest engine horsepower in the world. The tractors are modeled after the comparably sized MT800C series track tractors with around 65% parts commonality. They share the same engine, transmission and frame as the track tractors but are built in a versatile 4-wd package.

The cabs of the new C series Challenger tractors were redesigned in 2009 and equipped with the latest electronic controls. Included in the new controls is an integrated ISOBUS system, which is part of Challenger's new Tractor Management Center (TMC) monitor. Nearly all tractor and implement functions are controlled from this one monitor. The Challenger TMC also features a restyled console for better ergonomics and ease of use.

For more information, contact and

CHALLENGER MT900C SERIES SPECS | ENGINE: 6-cyl. C15 or C18 Caterpillar Acert; 440 to 585 engine hp, 360 to 425 PTO hp; 24v starting motor | TRANSMISSION: Caterpillar 16F/4R powershift transmission | HYDRAULICS: Std. pump flow 43.5 gpm, opt. pump flow 59 gpm; hydraulic remotes: 4 std., up to 6 opt. | HITCH LIFT CAPACITY: 19,500 lbs. | WHEELBASE: 155.5 in. | SUGGESTED LIST PRICE: $284,511 to $440,418

CLAAS XERION SPECS | ENGINE: 6-cyl. Caterpillar C-9 engine. 330 and 359 engine hp; 273 PTO hp | TRANSMISSION: Continuously variable transmission | HYDRAULICS: Max. flow rate 50 or 62 gpm. Max. no. of auxiliary spools: 4 front/5 rear | MAXIMUM REAR LIFT CAPACITY: 25,800 lbs. | WHEELBASE: 130 in. | SUGGESTED LIST PRICES: Xerion 3800 Trac VC: $386,336; Trac: $367,976; and Saddle Trac: $371,117. Xerion 3300 Trac VC: $357,714; Trac: $340,711; and Saddle Trac: $336,690


The Xerion is an all-season machine designed for versatility. The German manufacturer Claas introduced the tractor to the U.S. in 2007 to provide growers with a multipurpose machine that can perform a variety of agricultural functions, including tillage, planting, mowing, spraying, manure work, silage pit work and grain or silage hauling. The first model was the 330-hp 3300. A larger version, the 359-hp 3800, was released in 2008. Both sizes are available in three configurations: Trac (cab fixed in central position); Trac VC (cab rotates 180°); and Saddle Trac (cab in front above engine with mounting area behind it). The Xerion can be loaded with a liquid manure tank, seed container, fertilizer tank or other equipment.

Xerion tractors feature the Claas Cebis system, which also appears in Lexion combines. Cebis offers electronic vehicle control of operations such as steering modes, hydraulic flow rates and headland management systems.


The John Deere 9030 series high-horsepower, all-wheel-drive tractors are the most productive high-horsepower tractors the company has ever built. Launched in 2007, the tractors are designed to offer more power and performance than the 9020 series they replace. Eight tire- and track-equipped models range from 325 to 530 hp.

The track models feature a new AirCushion suspension system that provides more than 13 in. of total suspension travel at the front idlers for a more comfortable ride at faster field and transport speeds.

All models — both tracked and wheeled — feature John Deere 9-liter or 13.5-liter PowerTech Plus engines, more comfort in the cab and integrated technology for easy installation of AutoTrac and other precision guidance technology.

For more information, visit

JOHN DEERE 9030 SERIES SPECS | ENGINE: John Deere 9-liter or 13.5-liter PowerTech Plus diesel; 325 to 530 engine hp, 263 to 320 PTO hp | TRANSMISSION: 18-speed automatic powershift (18F/6R) and 24-speed manual shift (24F/6R) | HYDRAULICS: Max. pump flow with manual shift transmission, 44 gpm; max. pump flow with powershift transmission, 78 gpm. Electrohydraulic selective control valves: 4 std./5 to 6 opt.| WHEELBASE: 137.8 in. | BASE LIST PRICES: Start at $208,254 for 9030 series 4-wd tractors and $311,583 for 9030 series track tractors.


The Versatile rebuilt its 4-wd series tractors in 2008. The 4-wd series 305 to 400 hp replaces Versatile's 2000 series 4-wd. There are four models in this small-frame, 4-wd series, which range from 305 to 400 engine hp and feature an 11-liter Cummins QSM11 engine. The QSM high-pressure injection system and electronic controls continuously monitor data from sensors within the engine to optimize the fuel-to-air mixture for maximum combustion.

For more information, visit

VERSATILE 4-WD SERIES 305 TO 400 HP SPECS | ENGINE: 11-liter Cummins QSM11 engine; 305 to 400 engine hp | TRANSMISSION: Quadshift transmission/mechanical 12 × 4 or powershift transmission/powershift 12 × 2 | HYDRAULICS: Pump flow 50 gpm std. Hydraulic remote valves: 4 std./6 opt. | WHEELBASE: 142 in. | TURNING RADIUS (with base tires): 191.5 in. | SUGGESTED LIST PRICE: $181,000 to $259,000

Continue for more Tractor Preview


Versatile created the large-frame High Horsepower Tractor (HHT) 4-wd series to respond to growing agricultural operations that have more acres and require more power. Engineered from the ground up using heavy-duty components, the HHT series 4-wd is available in 435, 485 and 535 engine hp. The frame is manufactured from thick steel plate to ensure structural integrity under extreme conditions. Outboard planetary axles with a new 24-bolt pattern and standard drum duals ensure power is efficiently transferred to the ground. The main bearing at the articulation point is now 60% larger to reduce stress and extend life.

For more information, visit

VERSATILE HHT 4-WD SERIES 435 TO 535 HP SPECS | ENGINE: 15-liter Cummins QSX15 engine. 435 to 535 engine hp | TRANSMISSION: Quadshift transmission/mechanical 12 × 4 or powershift transmission/Caterpillar powershift 16 × 4 | HYDRAULICS: Pump flow 55 gpm std./80 gpm opt. Hydraulic remote valves: 4 std./6 or 8 opt. | WHEELBASE: 154 in. | TURNING RADIUS (with base tires): 191.5 in. | SUGGESTED LIST PRICE: $240,000 to $302,000


Designed to pull increasingly larger implements, New Holland's T9000 series tractors now offer more power, with 535 hp available on the largest T9060 model. A total of five models range from 335 to 535 engine hp. Last updated in 2008, these 4-wd tractors feature higher horsepower, stronger drawbars, and a new, compound-turbo, fuel-efficient engine in the T9050 model.

The tractors come in two main frame sizes with engines sized to provide maximum performance with minimum fuel consumption. When engaged, the new Ground Speed Management works to operate the engine and transmission in the most efficient settings for maximum productivity and efficiency. Both the standard and heavy-duty drawbars have been redesigned to meet the demands of high-horsepower loads and improve vertical load carrying capacity.

For more information, visit

NEW HOLLAND T9000 SERIES SPECS | ENGINE: 6-cyl., 9-, 12.9- or 15-liter New Holland CDC or Cursor or Cursor Turbo-Compound; 15-liter Cummins engine in the T9060. 335 to 535 engine hp, 273 to 473 PTO hp | TRANSMISSION: 16 × 2 powershift with transport mode or 24 × 6 syncroshift available on T9020 and T9030 | HYDRAULICS: Std. pump flow 40 to 42 gpm/55 to 57 gpm, or 90- to 94-gpm MegaFlow II opt. Remote valves: 4 std./up to 7 opt. | WHEELBASE: 139 in. on the T9020; 154 in. on all other models | PRICES: Start at $198,280 for the T9020 New Holland 4-wd tractors


Articulated 4-wd tractors, introduced in the mid-1960s, hit the 300-hp mark in the mid-1970s. The market for articulated 4-wd tractors in the 300-plus-hp segment is relatively stable year over year, according to Versatile, the maker of the first mass-produced 4-wd. Adam Reid, media relations for the company, says its 4-wd market is split between the 300- to 400-hp segment and the 400- to 535-hp market.

“The largest models [425 hp and larger] are most popular in the northern Great Plains, including North Dakota, South Dakota, parts of Minnesota and western Canada, for pulling disks, cultivators and large air drills or air seeders,” Reid says. “However, these larger units are growing in popularity in the Corn Belt as more power is required for some implements, depending on crop rotation, growing patterns and soil type. The new Dominator from Krause, for example, requires a lot of tractor weight and pulling power.”

Reid says the 300- to 400-hp units are used on farms with 750 to 2,000 acres and are popular in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and parts of the Corn Belt. Although these tractors are primarily used to pull tillage implements, the trend is moving toward grain carts. “These 300- to 400-hp 4-wd tractors are being ordered with powershift and PTOs specifically to run new, large grain carts,” he says. “The advantage of an articulated 4-wd for grain carts is that it has the weight and braking power to manage large carts in the 1,300-bu.-and-up category.”

Alternative uses for articulated 4-wds include silage packing, running big slurry (manure) wagons, and pulling scrapers. Scrapers (earthmovers) are used for drainage on farms and for road construction; in the southern U.S., they are used for catfish ponds.

Fixed-frame, front-wheel-assist row-crop tractors are growing in size, moving into the 350-plus-hp range, and the market is growing as well, Reid adds. “These tractors offer power and maneuverability and can be used in a wide range of applications.”

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