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FinOvation 2008

Case IH Puma

Case IH's new family of row-crop tractors called the Puma line is our winner in the mid-horsepower category. Four new Puma models run from 165 to 210 hp. The tractors are considered multipurpose machines that can go from row-crop to utility work with ease. The Puma tractors are powered by 6.7-liter Case IH engines with full powershift transmissions.

The Puma name is a throwback to the Puma 4-wd tractors that Steiger introduced in the mid-1980s. Case IH purchased Steiger in 1986.

Beginning suggested list price for the 165-hp Puma is $89,904. Contact Case Corp., Dept. FIN, 700 State St., Racine, WI 53404, 262/636-6011, visit or, or circle 101.

McCormick XTX145 and XTX165

Two new “heritage” tractors from McCormick captured readers' attention. The 145-hp XTX145 and 167-hp XTX165 tractors fill the gap between McCormick's 130-hp MTX and 175-hp XTX tractors in its high-horsepower line.

The two new models are equipped with the same eight-speed powershift transmission used in their larger counterparts but in a smaller, more maneuverable frame. This means the tractors still handle heavy tillage but with less fuel use and soil compaction. The new models also feature McCormick's new unique look and body style.

Suggested list prices for the XTX145 and XTX165 range from $88,682 to $100,440. Contact your local McCormick dealer, visit or www.freeproduct, or circle 102.

New Holland Boomer tractors

Sales of utility tractors are growing faster than sales of any other type of tractor made today. Although too small for row-crop work, the tractors come in handy for small jobs. Farm Industry News readers wanted to know more about New Holland's two new Boomer compact tractors that can run on biodiesel. The T2410 with 55 hp and the T2420 with 60 hp are equipped with 4-cyl., 135.2-cu.-in.-displacement, turbocharged engines that help them handle chores around the farm. The tractors feature electrohydraulic shuttle shift or standard 12×12 synchro shuttle shift transmission.

Suggested prices are $23,500 for the T2410 and $27,100 for the T2420. Contact your local New Holland dealer, visit or, or circle 103.

John Deere 9030 Series

John Deere introduced the new 9030 series tractors to replace its high-horsepower, all-wheel-drive 9020 tractors, which the company introduced in 2001. The new tractors, with fuel-efficient Power-Tech engines, offer more power and performance than the 9020 models. The new line includes eight tire and track models ranging in power from 325 to 530 hp. A new beefed-up suspension system for the track models allows them to run at faster speeds with more operator comfort. Air bags are used to isolate the track frame from the vehicle frame, reducing jolts and jars for the operator. All of the models are wired to handle AutoTrac and other precision guidance technology. Base list prices range from $183,019 to $305,884. Contact your local John Deere dealer, visit or, or circle 104.

Claas Omaha Lexion 595R

Two years ago, the Lexion 500 series combine won the top spot in this category. High reader interest in the Lexion 595R model with tracks brings the combine series back for a repeat performance this year.

Claas Omaha's 2007 Lexion 595R is equipped with a Mobil-Trac system that provides flotation at 10.5 psi and a road speed of up to 18 mph. The company reports that it is the only manufacturer that designs and installs tracks in the factory.

The 595R combine is one of the largest in North America with its 462-hp Cat engine. It features an accelerated pre-separation system that delivers crop to the main threshing cycle at a constant speed, angle, width and thickness so that the main threshing cylinder can operate at maximum efficiency.

Price of the new model is $430,670. Contact Claas Omaha, Dept. FIN, 8401 S. 132nd St., Omaha, NE 68138, 402/861-1000, visit or, or circle 105.

Tru Count row-unit air clutches

Tru Count developed row-unit air clutches that are crucial to the development of precision planters. Although not a specific product, this innovative technology is deserving of a FinOvation award.

Tru Count clutches are now factory installed on major brands of new variable-rate-seeding planters. The air-actuated clutches are pneumatically controlled so they require less power to operate than conventional electric solenoid clutches. As a result, more clutches may be installed on a planter, virtually eliminating double planting on point rows, end rows and terraces.

Prices range from $335 to $360 per row complete. Contact Tru Count, Dept. FIN, 409 S. Bell Ave., Ames, IA 50010, 800/323-5026, visit or, or circle 106.

Kinze 3600 Vision

Kinze Manufacturing introduced its first precision technology planter last year. The 3600V Twin-Line planter is equipped with Kinze's Vision system that allows operators to both monitor planter functions and change seeding rates on the go from a single touch-screen display in the cab. Coupled with GPS, the planter will also record and map seeding population, hybrid and variety locations, and planted areas. Kinze partnered with Ag Leader to develop this precision technology. The 3600V Twin-Line planter is the first Kinze planter model with the Vision technology.

Base prices are $64,332 for a 3600V Mechanical Twin-Line 12-row, 30-in. planter and $88,452 for a 3600V EdgeVac Twin-Line 16-row, 30-in. planter. Contact Kinze Mfg., Dept. FIN, Box 806, Williamsburg, IA 52361, 319/668-1300, visit or, or circle 107.

Deere XUV 850 Diesel

The John Deere XUV 850 Diesel got the top scores in last year's Farm Industry News Utility Vehicle Rodeo, and now it wins the FinOvation category for ATV-UV.

This remake of the Gator has impressed many readers and our own Team FIN panel of farmers. In the rodeo tests, the XUV ran through the mud and over a wooded terrain, wove through barrels, and handled a load with ease. In addition, the test drivers reported it was simple to operate and comfortable to ride. The XUV is equipped with an 854cc, 24.6-hp Yanmar engine and reaches 30 mph.

Suggested retail price is $10,599. Contact John Deere at 800/535-2967, visit or, or circle 117.

Toyota Tundra

Toyota took on the full-size truck market with its new Tundra. (See “Trucking with the big boys,” page 18.) Readers wanted to know if this redesigned model would really compete with Chevy, Ford and Dodge pickups. The specs and driver tests show it will handle heavy farm jobs.

The new Tundra is equipped with a 5.7-liter iForce V8 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission that delivers 381 hp at 5,600 rpm. Buyers may opt for two smaller engines, but all the models boast a towing capacity that exceeds 10,000 lbs. Toyota hopes this beefed-up truck will produce big sales among farmers and ranchers.

Price: $22,290. Contact Toyota Motor Sales at 800/468-6968, visit or, or circle 115.

AGCO Spra-Coupe 4455 and 4655

Growers wanting to upgrade from a pull-behind sprayer to a moderately priced self- propelled model drove votes for AGCO's new Spra-Coupe 4455 and 4655 models. The new sprayers are lightweight and fuel-efficient and boast a new hood design. They feature a tight turning radius of 13 ft. 9 in., so an operator spends less time backing up the sprayer and repositioning it at the end of rows. The sprayers are equipped with a 400-gal. poly tank and an optional 60/80 breakaway boom.

Suggested list prices of sprayers with a 60-ft. boom and automatic transmission range from $92,614 to $98,990. Contact AGCO Corp., Dept. FIN, 4205 River Green Pkwy., Duluth, GA 30096, 888/989-8525, visit or, or circle 111.

Dow SureStart herbicide

Readers were interested in the new soil-applied her-bicide called SureStart from Dow AgroSciences for its ability to stem weed-resistance problems. The new product may be applied from preplant to 11-in.-tall corn. It is registered for control of grasses and small and large broadleaf weeds, including waterhemp, lambsquarter and foxtail. According to the company, SureStart works well as a first step in a two-pass program with glyphosate. Because it does not contain atrazine, it works in a LibertyLink herbicide program with Herculex hybrids.

For more information, visit or, or circle 112.

Exactrix TAPPS

We received a large number of reader inquiries about a new system that accurately applies fertilizer. Called TAPPS, from Exactrix, the system applies NH3, 10-34-0, and ammonium thiosulfate (ATS), 12-0-0-25S, through two tubes mounted on a farmer's choice of opener. “The blended polyphosphate and thiosulfate streams out in front of the NH3,” explains Guy Swanson, inventor of the system. “The liquid NH3 drives through the blended APP/ATX polymer at around 180 mph, forming triammonium polyphosphate sulfate, or TAPPS. It's the most plant-available form of placed nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc. You can't buy it; it must be formulated in the field.”

A TAPPS system starts at $60,000. Exactrix builds mounting assemblies for more than 25 different single-disc and shank openers. Contact Exactrix Global Systems LLC, Dept. FIN, 3310 E. Trent Ave., Spokane, WA 99202, 509/535-9925, visit or, or circle 113.

Leica Geosystems mojoRTK

Leica Geosystems introduced a unique auto- mated steering system that appealed to many readers. Called mojoRTK (short for mobile job console), the system provides automated steering guidance that may be serviced over the Internet. The system uses a portable base station to set up within four miles of a vehicle to provide real-time kinematic (RTK) automated steering guidance of 2 in. or less. The unique feature of this system is the remote service and diagnostic tool called the Virtual Wrench. This tool provides 24/7 online service and support.

Price of the full mojoRTK system, including console, roof antennas and base station, is $9,990. Contact Leica Geosystems, Dept. FIN, 61 Inverness Dr. E., Suite 200, Englewood, CO 80112, 877/800-6656, visit or, or circle 108.

Raven Viper Pro

Raven Industries was among the first companies to add Internet access to its controller to allow growers in the cab to check online for market prices, weather or other information. The new Viper Pro rate controller includes hardwired Ethernet and USB connections so a grower may use either a cell phone interface cable or a USB WiFi adapter to log onto the Internet. In addition, the Viper Pro continues to provide all the functions of the current Viper, including variable-rate application, variable-rate mapping, data logging, automatic boom section control and boom leveling.

Price is less than $5,000. Contact Raven Industries, Dept. FIN, Box 5107, Sioux Falls, SD 57117, 800/243-5435, visit or, or circle 109.

Trimble AgGPS implement steering

Trimble's new steering system for implements allows growers to drive their equipment with the same repeatable accuracy as their tractors and combines, even on extremely sloped fields. The AgGPS Implement Steering System includes an implement-mounted GPS receiver and T3 roll-compensated control system, which both work off a Trimble real-time kinematic (RTK) Autopilot system. A display in the tractor communicates the path information to the implement and instantly adjusts the steerable coulters.

Price is less than $20,000. Contact Trimble Agriculture Div., Dept. FIN, 10355 Westmoor Dr., Suite 100, Westminister, CO 80021, 800/865-7438, visit or, or circle 110.

Poly Tech Grain Grabber

The Grain Grabber from Poly Tech Industries drew enough reader votes to earn the top spot in the machinery accessories category. The Grain Grabber upgrades a combine auger to a full-finger auger. One can be installed between each flighting. This allows a grower to run the combine reel higher and out of the crop, which cuts down on shattering. It also allows the grain to be fed more evenly to reduce slugging.

The Grabber has evolved into a heavy-duty Grain Grabber 2, which sells for $30. Contact Poly Tech Industries Inc., Dept. FIN, Drawer 349, Monticello, GA 31064, 800/542-7659, visit or, or circle 116.

Asoyia ultralow-linolenic soybeans

The Asoyia ultralow-linolenic soybean varieties are the first to come to the market with only 1% linolenic acid in the oil. The oil from these soybeans is in big demand by food companies as they switch to healthier oils that do not contain trans fats. Other major seed companies market low-linolenic soybean varieties with less than 3% linolenic acid.

Asoyia is a farmer- and employee-owned company based in Winfield, IA. It offers both non-genetically modified and Roundup Ready varieties with premiums that go up to $1/bu.

For more information, visit or, or circle 114.

Miller Electric XLi welding helmet

An on-farm test of six new welding helmets produced a winner in the hand tools category. Miller Electric's XLi auto-darkening helmet was declared the best with its solar-assist Performance series lens technology, comfortable headgear and easy use.

Welders who want to purchase this helmet will have to pick one of two other new helmets that now replace this model. The Pro-Hobby series is similar to the XLi in features and design. However, it has a slightly slower window-darkening speed (1/12,000 of a second) compared to the speed of the XLi (1/18,000). The Performance series also is similar to the XLi but offers more features, including a faster switching speed (1/20,000).

The Pro-Hobby helmet sells for $169 and the Performance series helmets cost $239. Contact Miller Electric Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Box 1079, Appleton, WI 54912, 800/426-4553, visit or, or circle 118.

Westendorf Dual Changer

Changing tractor dual tires is a one-person job with the new Dual Changer by Westendorf. The Dual Changer lifts up to a 600-lb. tractor tire and positions it onto a hub. The changer slips over a front loader bucket and attaches by a strap, while bucket controls maneuver the tire into position on the tire hub with a 16-in. extension.

Price of the Dual Changer is $395. Contact Westendorf, Dept. FIN, Box 29, Onawa, IA 51040, 712/423-2762, visit or, or circle 119.

Dell Latitude ATG D260 notebook

Dell's new notebook computer designed for a tough work environment earned the top spot in the computer equipment category. The Latitude ATG (all-terrain grade) D620 computer boasts a shock-mounted hard drive, spill-resistant keyboard, port covers and high-durability paint to handle a challenging environment. The computer also features a 14.1-in. LCD display that is extra bright for reading in the sunlight and a lit keyboard for reading in low-light situations. The computer is Microsoft Window Vista-capable with an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66-GHz processor, an 80-gigabyte hard drive, built-in wireless connectivity and a CD/DVD drive. Prices start at $2,499. Visit or, or circle 120.

Spectrum chlorophyll meter

A rise in nitrogen rates drove reader interest in a new handheld chlorophyll meter that, in seconds, lets a grower know if plants need more nitrogen. The meter, distributed by Spectrum Technologies, helps growers determine if a side-dress application of nitrogen is necessary. The meter lets growers cut back a preplant application of nitrogen by one-quarter to one-third of the normal rate, according to Spectrum. The grower inserts a corn leaf in the meter to see if more nitrogen is needed. Corn must be at least 12 in. high for an accurate reading.

The SPAD 502 chlorophyll meter, made by Minolta, costs $1,495. The same unit with a built-in data logger costs $1,895. Contact Spectrum Technologies, Dept. FIN, 12360 S. Industrial Dr., East Plainfield, IL 60585, 800/248-8873, visit or, or circle 121.

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