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West Central Distribution announces the launch of Soygreen Granulara

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Media release: Newest formulation joins their premier Soygreen iron-chelate fertilizer line

Editor’s Note: This company media release is unedited, for your information.

Crops face multiple challenges throughout their life.
One threat, most commonly seen in soybean plants across parts of the Midwest is Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC). IDC occurs when plants are not able to access iron in the soluble form they need for healthy plant development. West Central developed Soygreen more than 14 years ago to help plants in IDC prone soils keep iron in a soluble form for uptake to the plant.
Soygreen Granular, their newest formulation, was developed to provide an IDC solution for the air seeder market.
High calcium carbonate levels in the soil, as well as saline and alkaline soils, all factor into a plant’s ability to absorb the necessary amount of iron. Fields with these characteristics are often
areas prone to developing IDC.
The introduction of Soygreen Granular creates the first, and only, iron-chelated fertilizer option for growers who use air seeders to plant soybeans. It also provides retailers and growers all the
benefits they have come to expect from Soygreen the proven market leader in battling IDC.
Soygreen includes the highest percentage of ortho-ortho chelated iron and water-soluble iron and when applied during planting, it increases the plant’s access to the necessary levels of iron levels they need for healthy development throughout their growth cycle.
“Providing science-based solutions that help ag retailers provide their customers with the industry’s best fertility options means being inclusive and mindful of the challenges growers face
in their different geographies,” said Brian Kuehl, product development director, West Central
Distribution. “By applying Soygreen Granular, growers in northern locations are now able to protect and maximize their yield without the investment of extra time and money with equipment
2017 was big year for IDC with conditions that supported the development of IDC in areas beyond the traditional geographies. Research conducted during the 2017 season showed significant yield results in fields treated with Soygreen Granular versus untreated areas. Among numerous strip tests in North Dakota results showed increases of 4.8 to 17.8 bushels per acre
with Soygreen Granular compared to untreated fields.
Soygreen in the original dry and liquid formulas have been providing great results for growers for more than 14 years. Field trials comparing Soygreen versus an untreated field, show an
average increase of 8.2 bushels per acre with some results as high as 40 bushels per acre for the Soygreen treated fields.
To learn more about the new Soygreen Granular or the Soygreen portfolio, visit

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