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Technology influences modern fertilizer application

What’s New From the Shows: Learn about various methods to apply fertilizer more accurately and efficiently.

By Farm Progress staff       

The days of pulling home a spinner spreader owned by the local co-op or a private retailer behind your tractor and spreading dry fertilizer, hoping you get it applied accurately, are numbered. You can still spread fertilizer that way today if you want. But with the increasing cost of fertilizer and pressure to apply it correctly, both from the economic side and the environmental side, more people are looking for equipment that can give them peace of mind after they leave the field — that they applied fertilizer at the right rate across the entire field and put it where it belonged.

Companies are obliging, applying precision technology to fertilizer application equipment to develop tools that apply more accurately than many spinner spreaders, especially older spreaders that sit outside in the elements all year long.

If you’re into precision for fertilizer applications, check out the Sniper model from Salford. The company continues to fine-tune the design to deliver a product that meters out the correct amount of fertilizer and dispenses it evenly.

Or look at the section control you can get with Intelligent Ag’s newest innovation. It allows someone operating a floater-type machine to control shorter boom sections than in the past.

Perhaps you’re looking for innovation in how to deliver starter fertilizer at planting. Be sure to check out the newest product for this category from Yetter Mfg., based in Colchester, Ill. Called IntelliNject, it injects starter fertilizer on either side of the row, using a different type of technology. Injection is powered by air. If you’ve got an air source on the planter, this is one product you will want to look into. You can join the latest trend, injecting starter fertilizer on both sides of the row, and do it using technology no one else has used to apply fertilizer: compressed air.

Be sure to check out all the new products in this slideshow, and follow up with the contacts provided to learn more.

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