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Make sidedress nitrogen on corn efficient and effective

John Haarstadrsquos ureasidedress bar can also be used as a deep bander by moving the row units 15 inches Designed and built by Sheldon Stevermer a Wells Minn farmer and BampD Metalworks engineer the 30ft bar extends to 40 and 45 ft and pulls a Montag 9ton steerable cart The openers are Dawn 6000s This is Haarstadrsquos first year sidedressing Based in Carlisle Minn he is skiprow sidedressing on 60inch centers Skiprow sidedressing is endorsed by the University of Illinois pdf page 15 because it avoids inje
<p>John Haarstad&rsquo;s urea-sidedress bar can also be used as a deep bander by moving the row units 15 inches. Designed and built by Sheldon Stevermer, a Wells, Minn., farmer and B&amp;D Metalworks engineer, the 30-ft. bar extends to 40 and 45 ft. and pulls a Montag 9-ton steerable cart. The openers are Dawn 6000s. This is Haarstad&rsquo;s first year sidedressing. Based in Carlisle, Minn., he is skip-row sidedressing on 60-inch centers. Skip-row sidedressing is endorsed by the <a href="" target="_blank">University of Illinois</a> (pdf, page 15) because it avoids injecting N into a wheel track, where N losses can be greatest, and using a smaller tractor means less compaction.</p>
New Sidedress special issue from CSD

Timely nitrogen applications on corn can optimize yield, profits and the environment. Corn+Soybean Digest (CSD) editors compiled a special issue “Sidedress: Our best ideas, insight and tips to manage nitrogen application.”

With your registration at, you’ll receive this exclusive CSD Sidedress special edition for immediate download. Within these 20 pages are 7 valuable stories where you’ll gain such insight and take-to-the-field advice from other farmers:

  • Farmers discuss how they added 10 bushels more corn per acre and reduced total nitrogen costs by switching away from only fall-applied nitrogen.
  • Proper nitrogen application timing minimizes nitrate loss, improving water quality.
  • New Y-Drop sidedress system, applied at V14 to V18 growth stage, can boost corn yields by 20 to 30%.
  • New tools to calculate your nitrogen needs.
  • New soil mapping technology (EC readings) can improve management zone efficiency and variable-rate application success.
  • How a farmer cut his nitrogen rates by 50% using on-the-go sidedress application sensors.

Feed efficiency for corn

When you apply nitrogen several times in a given season, it’s a great way to hedge against weather-related losses. Experts liken this timely feeding of corn to selling grain – since you cannot predict a global market, you sell grain in increments over time to spread your risk.

Costs can go up when you manage nitrogen for greater efficiency. But many growers in this special issue say such efficiency decreases the total amount of nitrogen applied because they no longer have to compensate for anticipated losses, which can offset the additional investment. Yes, there are numerous variables that can challenge this nitrogen efficiency strategy – like seasonal pricing, soil variability, weather event extremes, vendor issues – but the farmers in these pages are making it work.

Register today to receive this exclusive 20-page special CSD edition: “Sidedress: Our best ideas, insight and tips to manage nitrogen application.”

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