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Earth Restorative Company launches break-through line of plant-derived fertilizers beneficial to U.S. farmers

Media release: VASTL announced the launch of its unique line of plant-derived fulvic and humic acid fertilizer products.

VASTLY, by Tranlin Inc., an innovative eco-friendly paper and fertilizer manufacturer, announced the launch of its unique line of plant-derived fulvic and humic acid fertilizer products. The VASTLY Better Roots soil amendment and biostimulant products are an effective and cost efficient way for farmers to improve long-term soil health, enhance nutrient uptake, increase plant vigor, and boost yield. The water-soluble fertilizer is available now in granular and liquid forms in Virginia followed soon by California, Texas and Florida and eventually nationally. VASTLY soil amendment products may be ordered at or by contacting (866) 215-8290.

The VASTLY fulvic and humic acids are derived from post harvest crop residue instead of coal, making its production sustainable and more environmentally friendly.  VASTLY Better Roots products stimulate natural plant hormones that increase fertilizer absorption and efficiency.  Roots grow deeper to better access water and nutrients. VASTLY soil amendment products change the soil chemistry so that nutrients are retained in the rooting zone boosting plant productivity and restoring soil health.  

"Our organic acid fertilizer naturally stimulates plants, promoting stronger, healthier growth while building soil health," said Jerry Peng, Chairman and CEO, Tranlin, Inc., maker of VASTLY fertilizer. "Leading farmers are doing the math and adding fulvic and humic acids to their crop production strategy with great results."

"In addition to straw revenue potential, the initial results we've seen with VASTLY biostimulants are positive, and merit further use and study on how it best fits our cropping system," said Kevin Engel, owner and operator of Engel Family Farms.

"Tranlin, maker of VASTLY Better Roots Fertilizers, represents a tremendous opportunity for farmers by creating a lucrative new market for agricultural residuals that are typically left in the field. Based on the agricultural supply chain opportunities associated with the project, the economic benefit to farmers in this region alone could exceed $50 million," said Todd Haymore, Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.

Farmers further benefit by selling their unutilized wheat straw to Tranlin which developed the proprietary straw pulping process to extract fulvic and humic acids.  The pulp is milled into tree-free paper napkins, bathroom and facial tissue products.


VASTLY, by Tranlin, Inc., applies world-leading, proven technologies to produce fine quality tree-free paper and tissue products and highly effective plant-derived organic acid biostimulant fertilizers for consumer and agricultural use. VASTLY's mission is to build a future-friendly company that makes safe, earth-restorative products from farms, not forests for American families and farmers.  

Tranlin, Inc., the U.S. based subsidiary of Shandong Tranlin Paper Co. LTD, is bringing sustainable manufacturing, innovative technologies and a naturally responsible focus on the environment from China to the banks of the James River near Richmond, VA.  Tranlin, Inc. is currently located in Charlottesville, Virginia.


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