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AgXplore Introduces Triple-Action Nitrogen Management Aid ContaiN MAX

split nitrogen applications
Media release: AgXplore announced that ContaiN MAX, a new nitrogen management aid featuring triple-action technology, is now available.

Editor’s Note: This company media release is unedited, for your information.

AgXplore announced that ContaiN MAX, a new nitrogen management aid featuring triple-action technology, is now available.

“It brings together NBPT, the market’s best mode of action to control nitrogen volatility; NZONE, the market’s best product to control nitrogen leaching; and microbes to balance soil and increase nitrogen uptake,” Misti McBride, AgXplore marketing director said.

NZONE, an AgXplore product, has been proven to reduce leaching of nitrogen by 47 percent. It was developed to help farmers protect water quality by decreasing nitrogen runoff. Research also shows NZONE makes nitrogen more efficient; in fact, farmers using NZONE were able to reduce nitrogen usage by 25 percent. Nitrogen remains in the root zone where it’s available for plant
The NBPT formulation has proven to reduce nitrogen volatility for 14 to 21 days after application, which gives farmers another way to keep nitrogen in the soil and available to crops.
Adding microbes to these two nitrogen management solutions creates a powerhouse formulation that provides triple-action technology in a single pass.

“The microbes, or biologicals, help maintain adequate levels of organic matter in the soil, digest compounds, eliminate residue, improve soil pH and increase plant uptake of nitrogen through
ammonification,” McBride said.
The overall result of ContaiN MAX is improved soil fertility, reduced environmental impact and increased crop performance.

“Our goal, of course, is to help our customers achieve higher yields,” said McBride. “With commodity prices still low, farmers are looking for ways to improve profitability. And ContaiN MAX
meets that need.”

AgXplore manufactures and markets nitrogen management aids, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and micronutrients that are proven to enhance farming applications. Company headquarters are
located in Parma, Missouri. AgXplore products are used by farmers nationwide with a wide variety of crops.
Additional information on AgXplore, ContaiN MAX and NZONE can be accessed at

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