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What is PTx?

AGCO's Precision Ag Division has brought together two brands: Precision Planting and PTx Trimble, now united under the new leading brand name, PTx.

June 1, 2024

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What is PTx? You're not the only one wondering.
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AGCO’s Precision Ag Division has brought together two brands: Precision Planting and PTx Trimble, now united under the new leading brand name, PTx. This leading brand aligns perfectly with AGCO’s lineup structure, which includes other trusted names like Fendt®, Grain & Protein, Massey Ferguson®, and Valtra®.

Paired together under PTx, both PTx Trimble and Precision Planting have a similar mission to serve farmers no matter what brand or age of equipment they use. PTx is for the farmers who want to buy new from certain OEMs as well as those who want to retrofit the equipment they already own.

So, what does PTx stand for?
PTx isn’t just a random set of letters. It stands for precision agriculture (P) and advanced technologies (T) that mltiply (x) the positive impact on your farming operations.  


Is there a difference between PTx and PTx Trimble?
Yes. PTx Trimble is a joint venture between AGCO and Trimble. PTx Trimble is what you’ve known as Trimble in the agriculture space in the past along with the acquisitions of Müller-Elektronik, and Bilberry, as well as another brand AGCO had acquired recently, JCA Technologies.  All of these entities are what now makes up PTx Trimble.

Is Precision Planting now called PTx Precision Planting?
Short answer: No.
A name change was needed for the agriculture division of Trimble for the joint venture. The decision to keep the Trimble name as part of PTx Trimble was made due to established brand recognition.

Precision Planting did not need a name change and will continue to grow on its established brand recognition. Recently, Headsight Harvesting Solutions and Intelligent Ag Solutions merged into Precision Planting to expand the portfolio with more solutions across every season.

Does PTx sell products or technology?
No. The products are sold by PTx Trimble and Precision Planting.

Can you still get Precision Planting &/or PTx Trimble products on original equipment manufacturers (OEM) equipment? 
As a leading brand of AGCO, PTx will expand its relationships with more than 100 OEM partners to integrate products from the PTx portfolio directly at the factory. Similarly, new machines from AGCO's leading equipment brands – Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra – will also offer factory-fit technology from the PTx portfolio.


How does a farmer buy products from PTx Trimble or Precision Planting?
The products are under PTx Trimble and Precision Planting product brands. You’ll work with each brand and it’s dealer network individually for your needs.  

What’s the future of PTx look like?
We can’t spill the beans yet, but there will be continued work to optimize between PTx Trimble and Precision Planting on products, capabilities, and dealers.  We are only a few months into this venture, so stay tuned for exciting things to come to help farmers improve!

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