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Väderstad brings tempo high-speed planters to U.S

Väderstad’s Tempo high-speed planters are now available for sale in the U.S., including the all-new Tempo K designed for American farmers.

June 1, 2024

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Väderstad brings tempo high-speed planters to U.S
Submitted by Vaderstad

After years of development and a decade of field-proven use around the world, Väderstad’s Tempo high-speed planters are now available for sale in the U.S. This includes the all-new Tempo K model, a 24-row planter with low-compaction tracks and 30-inch row spacing. It features a 150-bushel central fill system and optional 1,500-gallon liquid carrying capacity. Manufactured at Väderstad’s U.S. headquarters in Wahpeton, North Dakota, the Tempo K is designed specifically for the conditions and needs of many American farmers.

The Tempo is a line of high-speed planters focused on creating an outstanding emergence by providing exact seed spacing and consistent seed depth. It uses advanced, yet simplistic technology to maintain planting precision regardless of external influences such as speed, vibrations, slopes, or varying field conditions.

To achieve a superior level of precision, the Tempo line features Väderstad’s exclusive PowerShoot technology, which uses positive air pressure to guide the seed from the meter down to the soil. This practical, effective method of ensuring exact seed placement at high speeds eliminates the maintenance concerns of extra motors, belts, or brushes to accomplish the same outcome.


The Tempo also offers highly precise seed metering capabilities with row-by-row shutoff and automatic seed singulation. With sensors in each row unit, the seed singulation is continuously monitored and automatically adjusted to the optimum setting. This feature is especially helpful to farmers who regularly change crops. For those looking to plant smaller seeded crops, such as sugar beets or canola, a small seeds kit is available, which includes suspended stop wheels and adjustable closing wheels.

Seed spacing is also optimized through sophisticated curve compensation capabilities. The latest row units on Tempo planters use gyro sensors to identify when the machine is going around a curve. The system then adjusts meter output to increase the seed rate on the outer row units, while decreasing rates proportionally on the inside units. The result is consistent plant population throughout the entire field.

Because consistent seed depth is also imperative to even emergence, the Tempo can also be equipped with active hydraulic row unit downforce to ensure exact planting depth throughout varying conditions. This feature automatically adds or releases down pressure on each row unit, depending on soil types, to achieve the set depth, while avoiding sidewall compaction. For example, lighter soils will require less downforce than heavier soils.


The Tempo uses Väderstad’s E-Control, an iPad-based control system, to wirelessly monitor and adjust planter settings. This system offers remote setup and calibration with an intuitive interface, making it simple enough for most operators to use with confidence. All software updates are easy to download, free of charge, to help ensure seamless operation for many years.

Farmers who have tested the Tempo K in the U.S. have been pleased with its precise, yet simple technologies. “One of the things that first caught my attention on Tempo was the row unit itself,” said Bryan Biegler, farmer from Lake Wilson, Minnesota. “It is really well built, and the meter is nice and simple. I like to have just that tube deliver the seed with an airstream and not having extra belts or extra electric motors on it.”

In addition to the Tempo K, the line includes the Tempo F, L, and V. Each planter features the same row units and technologies, but with different row spacings, fertilizer capabilities and other configurations to meet a wide variety of needs.

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