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Products expedite grain handlingProducts expedite grain handling

What’s New From the Shows: Innovative products have been introduced for grain handling and storage.

October 19, 2022

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At the fall farm shows, companies unveiled more products to handle grain efficiently, monitor it while in storage and stay safe while doing it all.

Some of these products fill a need where options were limited before, and others give you more choices for doing simple tasks, like filling bins with augers or filling trucks with grain headed to market.

GrainVue from GSI provides information on the status of grain in your bins and does it wirelessly. It’s a prime example of how advanced technology has permeated even the grain-handling industry. Bin Sense Solo from Bin Sense and End Zone from Farm Shop also utilize technology to let you monitor grain at low cost or set parameters for fan operation, respectively.

Safety should be top of mind for anyone working with grain. Greene Galvanized Stairs introduced two new products designed to minimize fall risks while working in the air around bins. The company now offers a safety rail for the top deck of a bin, plus a crossover platform to move safely from one bin to the other.

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