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September 1, 2011

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As conservation tillage gains popularity, growers will need equipment to manage the residue. Here is a roundup of residue managers and tillage tools to help corn and soybean farmers in the field.


Salford RTS

Salford offers the RTS and RTS Extreme vertical-tillage tools. Residue incorporation is around 30% with little black soil exposed. The coulter system and heavy-duty harrows resize and distribute residue. Models range from 12 to 60 ft. The RTS Extreme models range from 16 to 50 ft.

The individually mounted, 20-in.-diameter, eight-wave coulters on the RTS have up to 6 in. of vertical travel and move around obstacles. The bar frame and offset spacing allows for residue flow and is nearly impossible to plug. Coulter vibration, created by optimal operating speed of 8-12 mph, fractures the soil around and below the normal 1.5-3-in. operating depth. The coulters are 20 in. in diameter.

The RTS can be used in fall or spring for a variety of tasks including stalk chopping; cover-crop management; crust breaking; herbicide, fertilizer or manure mixing; and seedbed prep.

Optional equipment for the RTS includes 17-in. coulters, tow hitch, hydraulic lines to the hitch, single wheels or duals on wings, axle-pivot grease bank and 100-lb. weight kits.

For more information, call 866-442-1293 or go to


Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disk Harrow

New from Sunflower is the 1800 series tandem disk harrow. The new machines combine bigger blades and wider blade spacing with larger frames to easily cut through compacted soils and thick crop residue.

There are two models, each with a variety of widths and configurations. The SF1830, with cutting widths between 22 and 39 ft., weigh between 23,771 and 37,568 lbs. The SF1810 model cuts from 14 to 17 ft., weighing between 11,152 and 13,580 lbs.

The series can be configured with 28- or 30-in. plain or notched disk blades spaced at 11- or 13-in. intervals. Some models feature spring-cushion gangs. Heavy coil springs allow the assembly to pivot. For more information go to


Great Plains Turbo-max

The Turbo-Max is available from Great Plains Manufacturing in several models from 12 to 30 ft. The 2400TM and 3000TM are available now, and the 1200TM, 1500TM and 1800TM will be available in fall 2012.

The Turbo-Max has 7½-in. blade spacing and an adjustable gang angle from 0° to 6°. The gang angle is hydraulically adjustable on the go. Turbo coulters allow the blade flute to cut through residue vertically, improving cutting, penetration and decreased hair-pinning.

Also standard are walking tandems that allow all four transport wheels constant and even road contact. Hydraulic weight transfer transfers the weight from the center section to the wing sections providing even, constant down pressure the full width of the machine.

Optional equipment for the Turbo-Max includes weights for better penetration in hard ground. The weights are center-section mounted. Also an option is the rolling harrow and reel to loosen, level and break up clods. For more information go to


Orthman 1tRIPr and Stalk Ripper

Orthman Manufacturing offers the 1tRIPr preplant tillage tool, combining strip-till soil management, nutrient placement and seedbed preparation in a single field pass.

Used as a stand-alone machine or with the Orthman Combo Caddy or planter-attachment package, the 1tRIPr can be used in wheat stubble, cover crops and corn stalks while providing a clean, level seedbed. The tool is available in 4-16-row configurations using rigid, folding or stacking toolbars. An optional trip-tail automatic reset row unit is available.

Also available from Orthman are the Stalk Puller 5000 and 6000, high-speed, low-horsepower fall or spring residue-management tools. Large V-disks operate on the crop to pinch and pull out root balls to provide a residue-free seedbed.

Operated at 10 mph, the Stalk Puller is available in a wide range of sizes and toolbar models. Additional attachments include rolling choppers, rolling baskets and gauge wheels.

For more information, call 308.324.4654 or go to

Other residue-management products are available from a variety of companies including Yetter, Phoenix, Dawn Equipment, Sunco and more.

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