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Make every drop count

As summer heats up, don't let evaporation and off-target applications drain your profits dry.

June 1, 2024

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Patriot 50 Series Sprayer
Submitted by Case IH

With summer cranking up the heat, farmers find themselves facing a critical challenge—ensuring that their spray applications remain effective, hitting their intended targets, especially amidst uncontrollable weather conditions. For those who rely on sprayer technology to deliver precision applications on their fields, the battle against spray drift and evaporation becomes even more crucial. In the pursuit of optimal crop protection and maximize profits, farmers need to control every aspect of the spraying process.

Take Full Control with a High-Precision Sprayer

Precision agriculture has really revolutionized the way farmers approach crop management with tools designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. At the heart of this technological arsenal lies the sprayer, a vital instrument that can make or break a season's yield. That’s why modern sprayers, like Patriot 50 Series sprayers from Case IH, can give farmers the upper hand in the fight against nature’s unpredictable curveballs.

When it’s hot and dry, evaporation can be an enemy. As droplets linger in the air, subjected to the relentless heat of the sun, their efficacy diminishes, leaving behind wasted resources and compromised crop protection. And while every farmer knows to follow spraying regulations pertaining to wind speeds, other factors like improper boom height can also send droplets away from their intended target.

Of course, timing spray applications when weather conditions are ideal is optimal. But any farmer knows, it isn’t always that easy.

“No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, the AIM Command FLEX™II technology ensures a constant rate, spray pressure and consistent droplet size, and with individual nozzle on/off control you’re ensuring your crops are protected where they need it most,” says Leo Bose, Segment Lead for Application Equipment for Case IH. “This lessens the chances of off-target applications or even contaminating neighboring fields. And with rising fertilizer and crop protection chemical input costs, minimizing any waste helps maximize profits.”

When it comes to effective spraying, boom height control is also essential. Operators want a system that maintains a consistent boom height from center section all the way out to those break aways. The Patriot 50 Series sprayer’s AutoBoom™ XRT technology option minimizes skips, off-target applications and boom strikes to the ground. Sensors automatically detect changes and adjust boom height to match the terrain for more precise and effective coverage across every inch of ground. And for late season applications, the AutoBoom™ XRT is equally as effective with taller boom height adjustability. 

“Farmers can’t control what they can’t see. The Pro 1200 in either single or dual display configurations, or the Pro 1200 and Viper 4+ combination options in the Patriot 50 Series sprayer have unmatched connectivity giving farmers ultimate visibility with complete guidance, data, and monitoring solutions,” says Bose. “The technology in this machine really enables you to manage your field not just by the acre, but by the inch.”

The importance of advanced sprayer technology cannot be overstated. The optimized spray application technology with the Patriot 50 Series sprayer empowers farmers to exert precise control over their applications, minimizing drift and evaporation. Keeping profits in their pockets. Making every drop count.

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