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How safe is your cabin air?

With inadequate chemical filters farmers face health risks. Purecab filters are proven up to 11x greater protection, exceeding industry standards

May 15, 2024

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How safe is your cabin air?
Submitted by Purecab

The truth is, most USA farmers are using cabin air filters that do not properly protect against chemicals.  The good news is that the solution is simple.

The toxicity of agricultural chemicals has been well researched and documented, and there have been some high-profile legal cases where ongoing exposure has been proved to cause significant health impacts to humans.

You spend many hours inside your cabin, often fitted with the latest tech, gadgets, and comfort. New tractors are generally factory delivered with factory cabin air filters that are designed to capture dust. This is acceptable for basic farming activities, however further protection is crucial for activities such as spraying.

So, what cabin air filter is in your tractor now?

There are 4 internationally recognized categories of tractor cabins:

Cabin category

Safety requirement


no defined level of protection against hazardous substances


protection against dust


protection against dust and aerosols


protection against dust, aerosols and vapour

In Europe it is mandatory for any machine applying plant protection products to have Category 4 filtration. In other countries such as Australia and New Zealand this is not yet a legal mandate, however it is widely accepted that cabin air protection requires either a Cat 4 cabin or a tractor fitted with an activated carbon (charcoal) cabin air filter.

Cat 4 cabins must be equipped with an aerosol filter with a separation efficiency of 99.95%. An additional charcoal filter to separate hazardous components of the sprayed pesticide is also required and is the difference between Cat 3 and 4 filtration systems.

Tractor manufacturers design and manufacture varying cabin categories, with the trend towards Category 4 cabins especially with tractors that are likely to be used when spraying. John Deere’s latest 5ML orchard range has the option of a Cat 4 cabin air filtration, recognizing this is increasing in importance to USA farmers. Most previous models do not have Cat 4 cabins, and there are limited OEM filters available to protect against cabin contamination.

European brands are advancing towards Cat 3 and Cat 4 cabins as standard with Fendt, Claas, New Holland and Case, plus Deutz all releasing models with improved cabin safety.

So how do you ensure protection against breathing in these chemicals?

The most effective way is to invest in an activated carbon cabin air filter. Often called ‘charcoal filters’, they are designed specifically to adsorb chemicals in the air as they pass through the filter. Dust filters only capture dust and are perfect for general farm work, however when spraying it is recommended to install your charcoal filer. Reputable charcoal filters will also have dust protection properties to meet capture standards.


The activated carbon works effectively where chemicals are attracted to the crater like surface of the charcoal, a process called ‘adsorption’. When using the highest grade of cabin air filter you should be protected throughout an entire spraying season. Some cabins are now fitted with both a dust cabin filter and an activated carbon filter, with an option to switch between each depending on the farming activity.

For over 35 years global brand Purecab has been developing cabin air filters to fit all makes and models for chemical adsorption. Purecab’s range of filters, now available in the USA through Shoup Manufacturing, includes over 1,400 cabin air filters so that all farmers can enjoy the safest cabin air. Purecab has developed ADXORB Activated Carbon which is the key ingredient to its filter’s exceptional performance.

Independently tested in the USA to the industry standard ASABE S613-3 for agricultural cabin air filters, Purecab’s filters with ADXORB performed up to 11X better than others tested, including leading OEM brands. They were the only filters to pass and exceed the strict performance requirement, and are proven to adsorb more chemicals and to last much longer.


Since 1988 Purecab has designed and supplied well over 100,000 cabin air filters to farmers worldwide. Fit tested to easily replace the OEM dust filter, the Purecab range includes many older tractor models that are still widely used for chemical spraying.

Purecab filters are reusable. Simply install and use until the indicator beads change color, then recondition your filter with a low cost Recharge Kit. The Kit includes easy instructions on how to recondition your filter, with all materials supplied in the kit including ADXORB Activated Carbon. Your ongoing cost savings are significant, as well as providing the highest level of safety for your family and employees.

Many farmers will continue using their Purecab filter for many years, reusing it over again for the proven best cabin air protection available. Cabin air protection should be a priority for health aware farmers and operators, and achieving this standard is very simple.

To find the filters for your tractor: www.purecab.com and www.shoupparts.com

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