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Growing need for grain cleaning equipment

Demand for GCS grain cleaning equipment growing along with rapid expansion in organic farming

Every year there are more farmers transitioning acres into organic fields. During this transition, farmers run into questions about having the right grain cleaning equipment. “When you are not able to use chemicals to tackle all kinds of weeds, you are bound to have many types of foreign material in your crop.” says Alex Lehan, founder and CEO of Minnesota based Grain Cleaning LLC.  “We travel to farm shows across the country and listen to farmers’ needs and different issues they are faced with. Recently, the trend of converting to organic has been evident and the demand for GCS grain cleaners has been on the rise,” says Alex. GCS offers an entire line of seed cleaners starting from something as simple as a pre-cleaner in a form of a Scalper to more sophisticated equipment such as Color Sorters which help producers achieve food grade quality.

Desire to keep own seed for re-planting


Most farmers who operate in the organic world would like to have their own seeding material for re-planting. “The cost for buying organic seeds is very high and having the ability to clean your own grain while keeping the best seeding material for next year gives you an edge financially. This helps you increase yield on an annual basis as you have full control of what you put in the ground. Quality seeding material usually results in quality yield during harvest. Having ability to clean for seed on your own timeline and not have to go out and hire a seed cleaner makes it logical to invest in GCS grain cleaning equipment,” Alex adds.

Helping farmers tackle disease in different crops

With the increase in prices for chemicals some farmers simply can’t afford to buy them in quantities needed to spray their fields, many GCS customers are decreasing reliance on variety of chemicals having comfort in the fact that grain cleaning equipment they own will be able to clean their crops. Furthermore, producers are constantly battling all kinds of disease in the grain caused by weather and soil conditions. Vomitoxin, fusarium and ergot are just a few examples of some of the challenges farmers are facing. GCS grain cleaners tackle some of the more complicated issues with air cleaners that remove vomitoxin and fusarium quite effectively. To remove ergot out of wheat, barley and other crops GCS offers a line of color sorting equipment with a high level of success. Grain cleaning industry has evolved over the years and many of the changes are accompanied by constant growth in demand for grain cleaning equipment.

For more information, visit www.GCSGrainCleaner.com

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