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Check out these new sprayers

What’s New From the Shows: Spraying technology continues to advance.

December 14, 2022

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Here’s a take-it-yourself quiz — no grades, no one else needs to know. Which piece of farm machinery covers more acres on your farm than any other in any given year? Bonus question — Which piece of machinery do you or an employee spend more time in during the year than any other?

If you do your own spraying, odds are that your sprayer was the answer to at least one of those questions. A planter only goes across the field once — hopefully. The combine only makes one trip. But if you do spring burndown, preemergence sprays, post sprays, fungicide applications and perhaps fall herbicide applications, your sprayer may pass over the same acre multiple times in one season.

The people who make sprayers and spraying equipment are keenly aware of how important a sprayer has become on many farms. Several new products for this field unveiled recently at farm shows indicates just how much these companies are working to deliver high-tech equipment that can perform multiple tasks and do them well.

You may be getting your first look at the Horsch Leeb VL sprayer. This big guy features a 1,600-gallon tank and 120-foot boom, which breaks into five sections; a Fiat engine; and a Claas cab. Load it up with as much technology as you want, including up to four cameras in the cab.

No matter which color of sprayer you’re driving, Ag Leader can help you get the right amount of spray on each exact spot with its new RightSpot sprayer control system. It provides nozzle-by-nozzle swath control to prevent overlap and also features turn compensation, so you get the right rate on even on turns.

Check out all the new technologies related to sprayers and spraying. You will find the contact information helpful in learning more about products which interest you the most.

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