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5 Tips You Need To Know About Vertical Tillage 3

Vertical tillage tools are designed to run fast and shallow, with the goal of cutting down on residue while leveling out the seedbed.

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January 16, 2013

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5 Tips You Need To Know About Vertical TillageVerticalTillageREVISEcover.jpg

Discover why more and more farmers are considering vertical tillage in their farming operation.

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Being a row crop farmer, you know how important it is to dry out the field and prepare the seedbed for spring planting.

Deciding if vertical tillage is right for you can be a daunting decision. The idea is to move just enough residue to begin breakdown in the fall and to help soils dry out in the spring. But is vertical tillage best suited for your farming operation?

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Take into consideration two things. Are you planting more corn-on-corn, leaving more residue behind? Have you been getting into the field later each spring because of wet conditions? If so, then vertical tillage could be just what you need to get your fields ready.

More farmers are looking into the concept. A quick pass in the fall can provide more soil-to-Residue contact allowing for better breakdown over the winter months. If you are planting soybeans, taking a pass in the spring can help warm the soil earlier, helping to advance the soybean crop at a faster growth rate.

Choosing the Brand and Features For Your Vertical Tillage Tool

The type of Vertical Tillage Tool you need for your farming operation will depend on what kind of results you are looking for. If you are looking to solely level out the seedbed, then look for something that moves soil laterally.

Take into consideration spring compaction caused by a disk harrow or field cultivator with your soil type. Modifying your cultivator or using a Vertical Tillage Tool could accomplish the same goals without causing compaction.

There is no definition as to what you can do with vertical tillage.

What you will learn from 5 Tips You Need To Know About Vertical Tillage:

Tip #1: Firsthand Look At Vertical Tillage

Discover why the concept of vertical tillage s a hot topic and the benefits provided for your farming operation.

Tip #2: Will Vertical Tillage Cure What's Ails You?

Discover how a quick pass with your vertical tillage tool can breakdown Residue, while improving the seedbed.

Tip #3: Vertical Tillage Is A 'Good Tool.'

Discover how vertical tillage not only improves the soil health, but productivity as well.

Tip #4: Retrofit Kit Saves A Bundle On Vertical Tillage System.

Discover how you can modify machinery you already own, into a vertical tillage tool at minimal cost for your farming operation.

Tip #5: Is Vertical Tillage A Solution For You?

Analyze your basics. Are you planting corn on corn, or needing to warm up the soil for soybeans? There is no set right or wrong way to utilize your vertical tillage tool, so customize it to your specific needs.

The Bottom Line in Vertical Tillage

This free report offers you an in-depth look at a wide range of advantages in vertical tillage strategies that can offer you access to a tool without the sticker shock. 5 Tips You Need To Know About Vertical Tillage is more than a buyer's guide, it's an insider's business guide to the latest practices in preparing your field for planting.

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