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FPS 2019: Everything you need to know

people stream through main gates at Farm Progress Show
OPEN: Don’t miss the 2019 Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27-29 in Decatur, Ill.
Here’s your guide to helpful services and information for this year’s Farm Progress Show.

The 2019 Farm Progress Show opens today in Decatur, Ill. Progress City has all the services of a miniature city, complete with parking, public transportation, emergency services, public air-conditioned restrooms and more. Here’s a quick rundown of where to find services:

Show office. The heart of operations is located near the loading dock at the northeast corner of the exhibit field.

First aid. First-aid stations are in two spots — outside of Gate 3 near the field demonstration tram-loading areas and at Lot 1E in the northeast corner of the grounds.

Restrooms. Four permanent restrooms are located adjacent to the food courts in each quadrant of the show site.

Lost children or items. If you lose a child, check the nearest first-aid station, information booth or the show office. Lost items will be brought to the show office or the Hospitality Building.

Information booths. These one-stop shops for information not covered in the show program or for last-minute changes are located at the entrances to the Progress City exhibit field and at the intersection of Central Avenue and Sixth Street.

Jumbotrons. Huge TV screens, located at the main west entrance, at the intersection of Central Avenue and Sixth Street, and at the north end of Central Avenue, will have updated schedules and other valuable information.

Handicapped parking. Handicapped parking is available at the southwest corner of the exhibit field.

Golf car rental. Golf cars will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also reserve a car in advance by calling Battery Specialists + Golf Cars at 866-275-2742. See golf car policies.

Security. Security is provided for visitors and exhibitors. These uniformed individuals will ensure your safety and that of the exhibits at the show. Individuals found to be violating laws or vandalizing exhibits will be prosecuted.

Parking. Parking is located adjacent to the show site and is identified by colors. Remember the color of the lot where you park. The west parking lot is green, and the south lot is blue. Farm Progress is not responsible for damage to vehicles.

Food and beverages. Food and beverages are offered for sale at the food courts located throughout the grounds.

Admission and show times. Admission is $20 for adults, $10 for ages 13-17, and ages 12 and under are free. Adult ticket discounts are available at Show hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 27 and Aug. 28, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Aug. 29.

Transportation. Trams to and from corn harvest and tillage demonstrations run from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Trams load on the north end of the show grounds marked on the maps in the center of the show program. For your safety while on the trams, keep your hands, arms and legs inside at all times. Adults should accompany children.

Special requests

Please note these special requests:

Remember your manners. Farm Progress works hard year-round to provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience for visitors. Please be courteous to others. Do not engage in unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior.

Play it safe. Abide by all safety notices. Be aware of tractors and vehicles operating around the show site. Please make sure to stand a safe distance away from all operating equipment. Stay clear of all PTOs, and keep safety shields on at all times. Pay special attention at the field demonstrations and Ride ’n’ Drive areas.

Leave Fido at home. No pets are permitted on the Farm Progress Show site except service animals, which must be leashed at all times.

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