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What other people say about Denny Bell

Denny Bell
FRIEND AND MENTOR: Nominators had no trouble finding people eager to take the time to support Denny Bell’s nomination as a Master Farmer.
People were eager to share their thoughts about this 2017 Master Farmer.

You can tell a lot about a person by knowing what other people say about him or her. Here are comments from some of the people who supported Denny Bell’s nomination for the Master Farmer award. Bell, Terre Haute, is part of this year’s class. The award is co-sponsored by Indiana Prairie Farmer and the Purdue University College of Agriculture.

“As a good friend for many years, Denny serves as a mentor to me. Denny is an individual that lives his life with his priorities being his faith, family, business and finally, recreation. Although sometimes it’s difficult to discern if his business is not recreation, as he enjoys it so much!”
John Nidlinger, Decatur, 2016 Master Farmer

“Denny Bell represents what it means to be an Indiana Master Farmer. In making that statement, I want to highlight three aspects that I believe support my claim. First, Denny is a lifelong learner. … A short conversation with Denny will reveal a deep understanding of all aspects of managing a farm business, from soil health and field management to marketing and financial management.

“Second, he is an innovative doer. A few people have big ideas, a few people implement the big ideas of others, but very few have their own big ideas and successfully implement them. Denny Bell is among those unique managers who have been successful at all of these.

“Third, Denny Bell is an active contributor to his community. Denny is devoted to involvement with economically disadvantaged children. This is not just a monetary contribution to programs and activities. Denny actively participates in the lives of these children by serving as a mentor, teacher and, at times, a surrogate parent.”
Ken Foster, head, Purdue Ag Economics Department

“I am not sure how Indiana Prairie Farmer defines a Master Farmer, but if it includes the pursuit of continual lifelong learning, a desire to innovate and improve farming practices, looking for better ways to solve problems, improving profitability and a willingness to share his ideas while completely focused on the family and faith, then Denny is already a Master Farmer.”
Brad Inman, chief, Projects and Restoration Branch, Department of the Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District

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