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Repair truck can go anywhere it’s needed

Slideshow: This well-stocked repair truck makes repairs possible even 20 miles from nowhere!

Randy Kron and his family farm some fields that even he acknowledges are in the middle of nowhere. Some locations might not be at the end of the world — but you surely can see it from there! Although the Krons live relatively close to Evansville in Vanderburgh County, Ind., much of the land they farm is 20 miles or farther away; some is near Griffin in Posey County, and some is nestled not far from the Wabash River.

“It’s not just a short walk back to the shop, barn or house for repairs and parts,” says Kron, who is also president of Indiana Farm Bureau Inc. Today, his wife, Joyce, and their son Ben, along with longtime employee Steve Glaser, do most of the day-to-day farming. “It’s a long drive for parts from most of the places we farm. So we equipped a repair truck with fuel for the tractor, combine and sprayer, and repair tools, plus as many parts as possible.”

When the planter goes to the field in the spring or the combine runs in the fall, the repair truck usually goes along too, Kron says. The bed they mounted on the truck has multiple compartments of various shapes and sizes. They’ve filled every nook and cranny with power tools, hand tools, nuts, bolts and other parts that they need most often.

“We can’t always have everything we need, but we try to anticipate what we’re most likely to need depending on the season, and keep those parts with us,” “Kron explains. “It really cuts down on downtime if we can make repairs in the field and get up and going again as quickly as possible.”  

Click through the slideshow to see photos of the truck.

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