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girl showing cow while man watches
SHOW LESSONS: Terry Hayhurst evaluates how well his niece Delaney Linville prepared this calf. It’s the same Delaney that Terry’s daughter Hayley is holding on her lap in the photo below.

Young person’s view of show cattle

Hayhurst’s Hayloft: A unique bit of poetry shows up in a daughter’s closet.

You never know what you will find when you clean out closets. My now 23-year-old daughter Hayley has enjoyed writing since her early years in elementary school. I discovered this poem, “What to Remember at a Show,” written by her on May 1, 2008.

Here goes!

“Remember that cows need the cattle chute
Remember that cows are very cute
Remember that cows need room
Remember that cows can be groomed
Remember that cows make the sound moo
Remember that cows can poo and poo
Remember that cows need a showbox
Remember that the showbox needs some locks
Remember that cows have a big nose
Remember that cows have some big toes
Remember that you need a show stick
Remember that cows know how to lick
Remember that cows need to be brushed
Remember that cows needn’t be rushed
Remember that cows can’t be low
But don’t forget to go to the show!”

girls with cows at fair
LEARNED HER LESSONS: Here is Hayley Hayhurst, likely not long after she penned the poem her mom found in a closet. She is holding her niece Delaney Linville. Her friend Gabi Pruitt is in the background.

Mom’s advice
I’ll add to Hayley’s “remember” advice. Show kids also should remember that it’s their responsibility to clean the chute or the cows won’t look very cute in the ring. While mooing is endearing, poo is not and must be regularly shoveled and dumped. I never saw people holding a shovel waiting for a cow to poop until I married a farmer!

It helps to remember that keys must accompany the locks on a cross-country show trip.

Remember to wear thick boots for when those big bovine toes repeatedly step on small human toes.  A cow’s tongue can be used if you ever run out of sandpaper.

And remember to never use a cow’s brush on your hair. And for goodness sake, remember that cows have their own time table and rushing them doesn’t work.

Hayhurst writes from Terre Haute, Ind.

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