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Tractor driver caught drag racing, but the fuel caused legal problems

The police said they caught a tractor drag racing motorcycles.

The Amesbury policemen responded to complaints of illicit street racing out in Wiltshire Parrish in England.

According to a Feb. 18 UPI report, the police said they caught the tractor drag racing motorcycles. The police posted a picture of the New Holland T6 175 tractor at Amesbury Police twitter handle @AmesburyCPT.

The tweet accompanying the picture says, “Rather unusual stop for team 1 tonight. Tractor stopped after being reported for drag racing motorbikes! Vehicle was seized as the driver couldn’t prove he was insured and was driving on red diesel.”

Now, a tractor drag racing motorcycles would be something to see any time anywhere in the world, and as along as the participants were half sober, might not warrant more than a legal slap on the wrist, or a courtesy tap from a billy club, along with, “You boys ought to know better, but we give you points for originality. Now clear out and go home.”

But the red diesel with no proof of insurance was the kicker, according to the story, that put the driver into real legal jeopardy and his tractor in the impound.

Not supposed to use dyed diesel for on-road activities in certain parts of the world, including the roads of Wiltshire Parrish. The dyed stuff gets tax breaks and, of course, is sold a bit cheaper than the non-dyed road diesel and it is supposed to be used only for agricultural or construction type work. If caught doing otherwise, various fines can be levied on a per gallon basis or per incident.

In Wiltshire Parrish England, drag racing doesn’t fall under typical farming duties, and it likely doesn't in most parts of the United States, either. But maybe it should: both involve a bit of chance, skill and good machines.

As planting season gears up around here, stay safe, and make sure to switch out the tractor’s diesel if you go drag racing on the way to the fields.

Good luck. Take care, and thanks for reading.

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