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old plow displayed in rocks next to three mailboxes along rural road Tom J. Bechman
MAILBOX DECORATION: This old plow has seen better days. Yet it makes quite a conversation starter along a rural road in Carroll County, Ind.

Rustic conversation piece found along country road in Indiana

Spotted … in Indiana: Working days are over for this one-time workhorse.

You know you’re in Indiana if … There are dozens of ways to complete that sentence. Country comedian Jeff Foxworthy made the format famous with his “You know you’re a redneck if …” routine. In this case, you know you’re in rural Indiana if you find an old-fashioned plow incorporated into landscaping around mailboxes.

Our camera spotted this old plow on a Carroll County road outside Delphi during a tractor drive. It’s amazing how many things you notice driving 12 miles per hour vs. 50 miles per hour. The plow is so rusted that it’s difficult to tell what make it is. If you can tell the brand by the design, let us know (see below).

Obviously, there are a few rocks in this part of Carroll County. This old plow would have had a hard time dealing with these rocks. This plow was made long before engineers thought about trip-back beams, even manual reset ones, designed to prevent a big rock from shearing off a plow bottom.

“Spotted … in Indiana” is a new feature column. Send in a picture of something unique you spot near you, including the location and description. If we use it in the column, we’ll send you a $25 gift card. Large-format, horizontal digital images are preferred. Very high-quality 3-by-5-inch photos will be considered. Email images and descriptions to or mail them to: Indiana Prairie Farmer, P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131.

To get the ball rolling, if you’re the first to identify the make of this old plow and we can verify it, we’ll send you a gift card! Happy spotting!

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