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Not an easy life but interesting

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Farming is not an easy life, but it is an interesting and meaningful life.

If it was easy, anybody could do it.

Even those far removed from agriculture can appreciate that farming is filled with challenges. Farming is not an easy life, but it is an interesting and meaningful life.

A friend makes it his mission to encourage those going through difficult times. He points out that no one is promised a life filled with happiness and pleasure. He emphasizes that it is more important to have both a meaningful life where you make a contribution and an interesting life that makes a good story, where both joy and heartache are part of the narrative. Afterall, a good movie or novel always has conflict to make the story interesting.

This year is turning out to be an exceptional crop year for many farmers. Both yields and prices are outstanding. In many ways it is that perfect year that makes even the most cynical farmer happy. Moreover, prices are expected to be strong once again next year. It should mean happy times, but like in all good stories, conflict and challenges won’t go away.

High input prices and supply chain issues are going to be a real challenge next year. Inflation is expected to remain an ominous threat, eating away at the profit potential. And indeed no one knows what the weather will bring. It looks like a challenging year ahead.

The good news is farmers will carry on. They’ll do their research, plan their budgets and attend winter meetings as they prepare to plant next spring. They know it won’t be easy; it will be challenging. One thing is certain, it will be meaningful and interesting.

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