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Max Armstrong talks about farm worker bill that passed U.S. House of Representatives. (audio)

December 12, 2019

Family members said they should be planning Chloe's second birthday, instead they are talking about her death. Her mother said she spends time with urn rather than rocking her child. Chloe is child who fell from 11th floor of that cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico. In lawsuit filed yesterday, it's alleged that cruise line is responsible because it failed to protect passengers. Chloe's mother, Kimberly Wiegand, said the only people who can understand this pain are other parents who have lost a child and she added, it's 10 times worse than you ever imagine.

Some progress is being made in Congress on farmworker act. It would provide a path to legalization for farmworkers and expand H2A program. The House of Representatives approved the bill in bipartisan vote with 34 Republicans voting with Democrats to approve the bill. The next step will be for Senate to create a companion bill. This bill provides way to safeguard existing workforce while creating way to recruit new workers.

A Missouri state representative, Mike Moon, says a statue of the Roman goddess Ceres doesn't belong on top of the Missouri Capitol. Ceres represents the goddess of agriculture. He said the state should refuse to honor a pagan god. The statue has been atop the capitol for 94 years.

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