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Indiana features both old, new buildings

travel Indiana building photo
NEW LANDMARK: If you don’t recognize this building now, you probably will soon — especially if you work in the livestock industry.
Travel Indiana: Can you identify where this new landmark building is located?

Take a good look at the building pictured here. If you don’t recognize it, you likely will soon. You are more likely to recognize it if you work in the livestock or meat industry, or if you visit Indiana’s land-grant university on a regular basis.

This complex was featured in the Livestock section of the March issue of Indiana Prairie Farmer. It consists of two main structures, with a livestock pavilion attached. Finished in late 2017, it was fully occupied and began its new life as a teaching and research center in January. The facility was formally dedicated in March.

If you can identify the building and its location, we will enter you in our drawing for a gift certificate. Bonus points if you can come up with the actual names of both parts of this complex. You’re a super sleuth if you also know the proper name of the pavilion.

If you don’t know the names, we will settle for the general purpose of the buildings and where they are located.

Older structures
The building in the February installment of Travel Indiana in Indiana Prairie Farmer was the restored Salamonia school in Salamonia, Ind. The tiny town is in eastern Jay County, not far from the Indiana-Ohio border.

The school building was originally used as a school; then it became home to the local volunteer fire department. Locals say for a while, the firetruck was housed inside the building. It’s now been restored as a school, and is used for local meetings and gatherings.

Congratulations to Dick Nottingham, Alexandria, Ind., for winning last month’s drawing. To enter this month by identifying the new building pictured here, email [email protected]; write to: P.O. Box 247, Franklin, IN 46131; or call 317-431-8766. Include your mailing address with your entry.  

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