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How much do you know about Indiana agriculture?

Fact sheet: Did you know? Indiana Agriculture Facts.
INTERESTING FACTS: Some of the numbers that describe the successes of Indiana agriculture are staggering.
Fair Find: See how well you do on this 10-question quiz about agriculture in Indiana.

What is your Indiana agriculture IQ? Can you make the grade when it comes to truly understanding Indiana agriculture? If Indiana Farm Bureau is accurate and one of the most important things farmers want help on is how to tell the story of agriculture to consumers, then knowing facts about your industry might be a good place to start.

Try this 10-quesiton quiz. Check below to see how you rate. These questions are based on a display in the Normandy Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, home to the Indiana State Department of Agriculture during the fair.

Thanks to Ben Gavelek, ISDA communications specialist, for his help in providing this information.

1. How many farms by USDA definition are in Indiana?

a) 20,000
b) 10,000
c) over 50,000
d) over 80,000

2. How many Hoosiers have jobs thanks to agriculture?

a) 107,000
b) 10,700
c) 57,000
d) 77,000

3. Some 1.1 million acres of cover crops were planted here in 2015. That is up ___% compared to 2011.

a) 100%
b) 200%
c) 300%
d) more than 500%

4. What percent of farms in Indiana are family-owned and -operated?

a) 100%
b) 97%
c) 77%
d) 57%

5. Indiana has more than 12,000 FFA members.

True or false?

6. How many turkeys are raised in Indiana annually?

a) 190,000
b) 19,000
c) 1.9 million
d) 19 million

7. How many acres are counted as used for farming in Indiana?

a) over 14 million
b) over 20 million
c) under 10 million
d) under 6 million

8. How many hogs are in Indiana?

a) 41,000
b) 410,000
c) 4.1 million
d) 410 million

9. The value of eggs produced in Indiana annually is:

a) $1.07 billion
b) $107 million
c) $10.7 billion
d) $1.07 million

10. Where does Indiana rank nationally in total agricultural sales?

a) 30th
b) 20th
c) 10th
d) 1st

Answers: 1. c) over 50,000; 2. a) 107,000; 3. d) more than 500%; 4. b) 97%; 5. true; 6. d) 19 million; 7. a) over 14 million; 8. c) 4.1 million; 8.c) 4.1 million; 9. a) $1.07 billion; 10. c) 10th

How did you do? If you missed zero or one, you are eligible for the Sagamore of the Wabash award (maybe someday!); if you missed two, three or four, you are an official Hoosier “favorite son”; if you missed five, six or seven, you should spend more time at the Indiana State Fair next year; and if you missed eight or more, perhaps you should consider moving to Ohio. (Just kidding!)

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