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Aerial family photo of Mike and Sheilah Reskovac and their two boys from a drone
FUN WITH DRONES: Mike and Sheilah Reskovac, and their two boys, got a family picture courtesy of a drone that was brought to the farm by their Pioneer field representative.

Harvest, family dynamics change from year to year

Mike and Sheilah Reskovac are having a great harvest while raising two growing toddlers.

Another year, another harvest. Once again, we are finding out that no two harvest seasons are the same.

It’s not just the weather, the yields, the help and the equipment that change; our family dynamics are always changing, too.

We have progressed from having no kids to a baby to a toddler to a toddler and a baby, to now having two toddlers.

Sheilah: Let me tell you, both boys love riding in the combine. And when they can’t go, there are lots and lots of tears.

What’s even worse is when one goes and the other must stay behind with mom. While Cole is old enough to understand that he can go later and is easily distracted, Caleb hits the door yelling, “Daddy, combine! Shoe,” (while trying to put on his shoe). Then, he continues to walk around the house saying, “Daddy, combine!”

Mike: Sheilah is becoming a pretty steady shuttle: to and from preschool and to and from the combine.

Of course, it’s not just the boys she is bringing. There are snacks, drinks and the favorite stuffed animal, too.

Despite adapting to our growing family and figuring it all out as we go, harvest so far (someone knock on wood!) has been going well. Compared to last year, it is 110% better. Yields, weather and equipment have all been exceptional.

We even had the chance to see some of our crop views from a drone. While I have had this opportunity a few times in the past, Sheilah and the boys have not.

One day, at the beginning of harvest, our Pioneer rep was out with his drone and he stuck around until Cole was out of preschool to show him. Cole liked it and talked about the “helicopter” for a few days. We even got a nice family picture out of the deal!

Hopefully harvest continues to go well, and we look forward to seeing what changes next year brings!

Mike and Sheilah Reskovac and their sons farm near Uniontown, Pa. Check out all of their "Two Hearts, One Harvest" blogs online. 

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