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Stone House Restaurant and Bakery
HIDDEN TREASURE: The Stone House Restaurant and Bakery may not be on the five-star dining list, but there’s some real good, home-cooked food served inside — including jumbo breaded tenderloins!

Great place for down-home cooking and breaded tenderloins, too

Hoosier Fare: If you walked by this place without going in, you'd miss out on great food and hospitality!

We’re in search of the best places to eat in Indiana. The stipulation is that it must be a place you might not walk into on your own — you need someone who knows the area prompting you. Yet once there, the food is great!

Add another one to the list. It’s the Stone House Restaurant and Bakery, located on Main Street in Delphi.

Bill Pickart suggested we eat there. Fred Wise, his grandson Tyler, and Steve Nichols, all Carroll County folk, joined us.

The feature of the day was meatloaf, and while I’m sure it would have been delicious, it was all over when I saw the "8-ounce jumbo breaded tenderloin" on the menu for $5.95. I added fries, and it was a meal.

Anybody can roll out a piece of loin until they have a giant tenderloin. Not everyone can bread it so it’s not too dry but not too soggy, and make sure it has enough meat inside the crust. The cooks at the Stone House know the secret. Their tenderloin is a winner in my book.

The perky lady who waited on us with down-home friendliness added to the experience. It would be hard to go wrong there.

The restaurant at 117 E. Main St. is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT Monday through Saturday. You can learn more by calling 765-564-4663.

The slogan on their brochure sums it up: “Come and experience home cooking again.”

Don’t forget. I’m in search of the best out-of-the-way places to eat in Indiana. If you know of a place that qualifies, email me at, or call 317-431-8766. If you persuade me to come, I will buy lunch or dinner for you and a guest.


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