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Goodbye summer, hello harvest

Mike Reskovac Sunflower field
SPLASH OF SUNFLOWERS: The Reskovacs have done something different this year: pick-your-own sunflowers. Corn harvest will also be here soon, so the couple are busy prepping.
It was a quick summer for the Reskovacs. Now, they’re getting ready for harvest.

What a summer it has been! While last summer seemed to be endless, this summer seemed to fly by.

Mike has been busy with the new grain-system project, working on it almost every day. We had some sprayer trouble that made for a long, drawn-out season of spraying, but thankfully we were able to get it fixed, just in time for the tire to blow out! That also got fixed with more time lost.

The boys and I have been helping a little here and there, and then we’ve been making the most of summer by taking daytrips. Mike has been able to join us on a few of those, and even surprised me with a complete itinerary and day out for my birthday!

Cole likes to say, “Welp, guess Dad gave me the day off today.” Or, “Hey Dad, I need a day off.” However, that also gets followed up with, “Why doesn’t Dad want/need my help today?” when there is a project going on that is not kid approved.

Caleb has been a big helper, too, but his idea of help is getting into the tools and trying to do things on his own.

In late July, we added a new member to our family: a black lab puppy that the boys decided to call Mavis. She has been a joy and a nuisance at the same time. I told Mike it might have been better just to have a third child!

And most recently, we opened our sunflower field for our first pick-your-own sunflowers. We have grown sunflowers in the past, but not since Caleb was a baby. When we did, we would sell them as prepicked flowers.

This year, we decided to make some paths and do pick-your-own. It seems to be a fan favorite and is going well. The boys enjoy helping as people stop in and do their best to cash in on tips.

With so many projects going on, Mike has not yet had time to prepare for harvest. That will be the next thing on his list!

Sheilah and Mike Reskovac and their sons farm near Uniontown, Pa. Check out all of their "Two Hearts, One Harvest" blogs

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