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Good times at the county fair? Think Vintage Showmanship

Slideshow: At one county fair this summer, the tables were turned as parents came in the ring and kids became judges — making for a memorable afternoon.

The cattle barns at the Fulton County Fair in Illinois lit up for one hilarious afternoon again this summer as Vintage Showmanship turned the tables in the show ring, making adults into showmen and young people into judges — and where the kids yelled directions to their parents in the ring. Like last year, it made for just the right combination of fun and laughter.

The name got an upgrade this year, from “antique” to “vintage,” and the participants were just as eager, especially in choosing their costumes. The group was divided into two heats, and under the watchful eye of judge Grant Bedel, four winning senior showmen did the judging. The teenagers —Nathan Spangler, Kyle Eathington, Jenna Spangler and Emma Eathington — chose carefully, laughing hard all the way through.

In the end, they chose eight showmen as finalists: Robert Knott, Sheri Bennett, Tammy Foose, Erin Featherlin, Lonna Porter, Chris Janssen, Tad White and Kevin Roberts.

Sheri Bennett took home the coveted trophy for Champion Vintage Showman and Tad White brought home reserve. The title of “Most Room for Improvement” — also highly coveted — went to Chris Janssen (also known as Jose).

And in the end, all around the ring, every one of every age shared a laugh and a smile together at the Fulton County Fair.

Check out all the photos from the day in the slideshow below.

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