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Gifts for the hard-to-buy-for farm wife, Volume 2

Photos by Mindy Ward A cobalt blue and black leaf blower placed on a patch of concrete next to pasture
USEFUL GIFT: So far, my leaf blower has not been used to pile fallen leaves in the yard. Instead, I use it around the farm to clean up cobwebs from walls and dust power tools.
Start shopping for the holidays now with these five presents.

The holiday shopping season is almost in full swing. Do you have a gift in mind for your right-hand gal? If not, I have a few suggestions.

Last year, I offered up five items that would make most farm wives happy on Christmas morning. However, I learned from readers, the list came a little too late.

This year, I’m giving you ample notice on gift ideas. If you don’t find one on this offering, feel free to reach back to the 2019 “5 gifts for the hard-to-buy-for farm wife.” They are all still winners and being used on my farm.

Without further ado, here are five more items that hardworking farm women would enjoy:

1. Monogrammed tumbler. There are many insulated beverage containers in my cabinet, and most are silver. It is a popular gift from commodity groups and ag companies. But it never fails that my husband takes them and leaves them in cars, barns and garages. So, help your wife out. Buy one for just her, and make it special by putting her name or monogram on it. And if you don’t want to get that fancy, simply pick a color — mine is baby blue. I know my husband is not grabbing that one to take to work!

2. Practical jewelry. I’m not much of a jewelry person, but I have found one piece that works from the barn to town. It is a necklace design by Kendra Scott called “Elisa.” It is simple with just a chain and a colored stone, and it lies flat. Not sure of what color to buy? Well, you can choose her birthday stone, or better yet, take two seconds, walk into her closet and look at clothing colors. Find one that will work with a variety of outfits. But if you’re like my husband, start simple — you can’t go wrong with a rose gold drusy.

A gold neckless with a sparkly gem on a piece of cloth with a the Kendra Scott logo in gold embroidery

I don’t often wear jewelry, but when I do, it is this design. I’m about form and function, and this one ticks all the boxes. This Kendra Scott piece is one that if I forget to take it off before heading to the barn, I’m not afraid it will get caught or be in the way while I’m working. It does not dangle and lies flat.

3. Leaf blower. A battery-powered leaf blower for a gift may be a little confusing, but I use it all the time. It is great for blowing down cobwebs in the barn, grass off the walkway and dirt from the garage. I’ve cleaned off dust from power tools and grass clippings from the zero-turn. As you can tell, I’m a big fan. Full disclosure, it came in a set — a string trimmer and a blower. Yes, it was another win-win for my husband. Perhaps your wife will use the trimmer. My husband is not so fortunate.

4. Robot vacuum. Most of the time, a vacuum as a present is frowned on because one should not buy a gift that creates more work. But this vacuum requires less work. It picks up dirt from carpet to wood floors, transitioning seamlessly. Most can be programmed to run on a schedule — certain days and times. And it starts without even pressing a button. I control mine from my phone. The best part, your wife can name the robot. Mine is "My Maid," simply because I will never have one, and this is as close as it gets. If I had to rank the gifts I wanted from this list, this robot would be at the top.

A black circular iRobot, a remote floor vacuum on top of carpet

My top pick for a Christmas gift. If your wife doesn’t have one, she will love it. After working in the barn all day, vacuuming is at the bottom of our list. This robot does that chore for us. There are many companies to choose from and price ranges.

5. Breakfast break. Last year, I suggested a night out on the town. In the wake of COVID-19, it is not that simple. So, a food delivery may be in order. Take one more item off her holiday plate, and order a Danish. Make sure it arrives or you can pick it up before Christmas Eve, so family can enjoy it Christmas Day. First, try your local baker. If that doesn’t work, I recently was “gifted” a raspberry Danish from Racine Kringles. It arrived fresh and tasted amazing. Fingers crossed, my husband reads this and makes this one of my gifts.

Now, go online or in the store, but get shopping!

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